New production procedures and more flexible manufacturing plants are placing ever-increasing demands on automation systems and therefore also on the software necessary to manage the complex processes.

As a system integrator and partner for plant construction, OAS AG supplies end-to-end solutions, guaranteeing uninterrupted information flow. Our proNTo software solution forms the basis, adapting to the customer's individual needs and completely covering all cross-sector requirements relating to plant technology. The system allows for flexible control and recording of complex batch processes and is also perfectly suited to technical weighing tasks. By storing manufacturing and recipe data on each batch produced, traceability of the product is guaranteed throughout the entire production process. Irrespective of which material flows are documented or which production runs have to be monitored - proNTo ensures universal transparency.

The tasks are merged into a standardised complete system, from the controlling level to production management. The recipe management and control, visualisation, dosing report, warning and reporting systems as well as quality control modules lock into each other like gear wheels and represent all production activities right up to materials management. For management purposes, a separate module supplies key data on efficiency and quality in an MES cockpit.



proNTo im Überlick - MES Pyramide

We will stand by you from the first concept, through selection of the perfect units, up to the turnkey plant - whether this is a new development or an expansion of an existing plant.


We will support you in developing a new concept for your plant or in the evaluation of existing production processes in your plant.


New production procedures and more flexible manufacturing plants are placing ever-increasing demands on automation systems to manage the complex processes.


Jointly going for a goal

We plan and realise plants to meet your requirements - all individually and uncompromisingly. The concepts by OAS can be adjusted throughout the entire life of a plant. We strive to please our customers and deliver concepts to make them succeed.

Long-time experience

We have gained experience with bulk materials, liquid media, and automation in many projects that we led to success. From just the beginning when looking for a concept, through the required approval processes, and ending up with assembling, commissioning, and after-sales service - we will stand by you.

Seeing things differently

Our interdisciplinary knowledge of process engineering allows us to see your processes from a different point of view. We will be pleased to discuss with you how to optimise your processes and to render corresponding advice. We do not only take your production facilities into consideration but also the plant logistics (such as truck scales, yard management, self-service terminals, receipt of water-hazardous substances, gas displacement device).

All-around assistance

Large engineering departments are few. To our customers it is important to avoid expenses incurred for defining interfaces and coordinating a project. The OAS AG will be pleased to coordinate the different crafts for you - starting with the architectural work, through the steel construction, the plant technology and the process automation, and ending up with the erection. Thanks to our comprehensive know-how there are much less interfaces required.

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