In the field of plant construction, OAS offers its customers as business partner and system integrator the complete range from the process control and automation technology starting with the planning through to the commissioning. Regarding planning, realisation and commissioning, the work of our system specialists is based on longtime experience. But of course, they always keep in mind the demands and ideas of the customer.

For the OAS AG, the extensive customer care after the commissioning is as self-evident as the complete service in case of an interruption. The comprehensive solution portofolio is completed by this individual and high-quality service.

Individual solutions

The OAS specialists support the customers by means of long-term experience and knowledge in different industries (building materials, paints and varnishes, chemicals and food stuff) in order to realise individual projects. Thus, OAS is able to find automation solutions for individual projects and requirements – always professional, innovative and up-to-date.

Efficient data flow

In the sector of the electrical construction, we are working with CAD systems such as EPLAN, PROMSI and RUPLAN. Hereby, our constructing engineers are working with our own standard macros and modules to guarantee an efficient and uniform planning in customers’ best interest. On request of the corresponding building regulations, the constructing engineers also work with external macros and modules.

OAS macros are built up loop-oriented for a better clearness of the maintenance. In addition, we created an interface that allows on the one hand a data transfer from the object lists in EPLAN and on the other hand, a data exchange with our process control system proNTo.

The high-quality standard of the documentation software allows a reliable and quick support during service and maintenance.

Transparent programming standards

Within OAS, the PLC programming is made according to IEC-1131. For the transparent, continuous and efficient program development, OAS has created an in-house standard. By using the OAS standard, an optimal connection to the process control system proNTo and a direct use of the e-construction object list is guaranteed. All standards are externally documented for the project planning and application and are presented to the customer within a project training.

In addition, it is of course our pleasure to comply with your internal standards as far as you provide us the corresponding building regulations. Preferentially, we are working with PLCs made by SIEMENS, Moeller and Schneider, but different products are also always possible on request. As process control system for the recipe control and visualization, we like to use the proNTo system. Our process control system is subject to a continuous development and is equipped with the latest features available on the market.

As pronNTO is developed and actualised internally by OAS itself, the company is able to react flexibly and to fulfill the customer’s wishes and requirements in short term and for a reasonnable price with its own staff in the frame of special program developments. However, there also exists the possibility to apply a different commercial system like for exemple WinCC, Interlution, SISTAR or Wonderware upon customer’s request.

Ready-for-operation switch cabinet

The in-house switch cabinet construction completely assemblies switch and control cabinets and testes them for operation according to our construction specification. Hereby, modifications can be made during the order handling as quick as possible. The internal manufacturing control ensures that the works have been realised according to the contract specification. Within an acceptance, OAS customers have the possibility to check the finished and tested control and switch cabinets.

Assembly and documentation

After the delivery of the switch cabinets, OAS specialists check the installation and electrical assembly as supervisors. Generally, specialised staff from local companies carries out the installation work. Upon request, OAS can also supply this service from one hand. After the finished electrical installation and before the commissioning, the required test reports are issued and then integrated into the documentation.

Commissioning ensures availablility

The commissioning is executed by OAS specialists in an qualified way - starting with the rotation and signal test, adjustment and calibration of measuring devices up to the test without product and finally the test with product. In general, the results are always documented in the corresponding reports and coordinated with the customer. By proceeding in this way, an extraordinary quality level as well as the highest standard of operational availability and reliability with the new plant is assured.

After sales service

Even after the fulfillment of the order, the OAS AG is always available. No matter, if we are talking about errors, modifications, extensions or other problems.

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