Food production is a complex process: Multiple operations are to be automated and controlled; various raw, intermediate, and final products have to be treated; and data have to be traced completely. Furthermore, the International Food Standards (IFS) requirements as well as those defined by other national and international standards have to be met. In this context, the MES .factory by OAS AG delivers necessary transparency being an industry-oriented tool for management purposes. The comprehensive software compresses relevant production data into lucid key performance indicators and reports easy to create. 

This way, food producers can use a single software application to harmonise even complex sequences and get the required transparency of all process steps – starting with scheduling through production and ending up with packing of the final product.

You have many processes and interfaces in your company – we have the knowledge of integration

Our team of skilled technical engineers and design engineers will understand your process. Our employees gained their process skills in different industrial sectors.

One example for solutions in step with actual practice by OAS AG is our scales – an intelligent, quality determining process step for weights of between 0.1 milligramme and 100 tons. Weighing technology forms the basis of our know-how in the fields of conveyance and dosing of bulk and liquid material.

Starting with automation (design and construction of control cabinets and programming of PLC) and ending up with the manufacturing execution system, you will get the entire range of process control technology from one source - OAS AG.


Whether to implement production in the enterprise resource planning system or to detect or integrate new machines and lines, our project managers will accompany you from consultation up to implementation to represent your requirements and specific processes in our software.



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