proNTo can be used for different plant configurations: from the single user system with one computer up to complex plant configurations with several computers, which are configured for different tasks. Depending on the plant complexity several weighing systems can be integrated: manual-weighing station for weighing processes within the production process and truck scales for incoming and outgoing goods. The required separate components and networks structures can be combined and adapted individually.

Of course a remote maintenance is possible for all systems via ISDN or VPN (Virtual Private Network).

Single user system

The graphic alongside shows an example for a single user system with the most important components. Among others PLC, weighing electronics and a computer that can realize several functions such as plant computer, database server and process-server at the same time.

Complexe plant configurations

The graphic alongside shows an example for a complex plant configuration. The following components from part of the installation: one or several PLC, weighing electronics, different weighing workstations, e.g. manual weighing station and truck scales. Several computers can realize different functions, depending on the individual requirements: one computer can be configured as database server and further computer can be configured as plant computer. Furthermore, disposition- and quality management will be allocated to different computers.

Plant configuration

In the basic configuration, a single-user PC is used as server for recipe-guided manual dosing of components.

The first stage of extension implements automation solutions including PLC and corresponding power sections. The degree of automation is to be defined on a task-specific basis; manual operations are logged.

Further workstations can be connected through a network (Ethernet) while generally all functions are available on all PCs administered by a user administration system.

By means of touch panel PCs, proNTo guides the operator in the field through the application. Convenient graphic interfaces are possible and all functions are also available in the production department if a corresponding access level is given. Operation in production areas which are subject to ATEX is also ensured.

Integration in an ERP system is realised by powerful interfaces. Comprehensive logging of material movement and batch logs for incoming raw materials as well as semi-products and finished products enables a sustainable flow of information to resource planning including key figures from production. It goes without saying that relevant transaction data, such as parts lists, incoming goods, or production / dispatch orders, can be transferred from resource planning to production. The consistent inclusion of truck scales in material logistics is also possible without any problems.



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