Yard management, plant logistics, or dispatch automation solutions - the OAS AG combines experience gained over decades with profound process know-how, all aiming at optimisation of industrial processes beyond industrial borders.

In addition to analysis, planning, and control services, our range of products also includes software applications and self-service logistic terminals, which provide for an optimum flow of materials and goods transported by lorry, train, or sea.

Prompt capacity growth

Our yard management solutions optimise the logistic flows and reduce in-plant residence and door-to-door times to increase capacities while using the same amount of resources or even reduce this.

Complete transparency

The entire process, starting with login, through loading or unloading, and ending up with leaving of the plant becomes transparent and is documented in its entirety with time stamps and photographs irrespective of whether the process steps have taken place in an automated or in a manual way.

Financially rewarding investment

It is easy to integrate system components, such as truck scales, loading and unloading points, and logistic terminals. Interfaces to higher- or same-level systems (ERP, TSM, LVS) allow for a continuous data flow.

Quality requirements

To meet the quality requirements, both – hardware and software – are by OAS AG. Our high-quality logistic terminals are designed for a long service life and thanks to their modular design, they provide for flexibility in the adjustment to future requirements.

Waiting trucks often present a great challenge for site logistics. The plant premises are filled up with vehicles which do not arrive on schedule and the scare resource "space" is not used optimally. The drivers largely determine the cycle time when they arrive at the site.

More Information

Our logistic terminals for plant logistics. The OAS AG develops and manufactures logistic terminals since the early 1990s. We have also learned to think like a user. These experiences we have used for product development.

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Our software for plant logistics and yard management.

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  • Effektive Prozesssteuerung,- transparenz- und -kontrolle
  • Verbesserte Durchlaufzeiten und optimierte Umschlagszeiten
  • Optimierter Einsatz von Ressourcen wie Ladekapazitäten und Personal
  • Effizientes Zeitfenstermanagement
  • Lückenlose und transparente Dokumentation
  • Höchste Flexibilität durch problemlose Systemkomponenten-Integration

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