Self-service terminal SWB

Our self-service logistic terminals can handle the following functions:

  • Registration

  • Plant entrance

  • Weighing

  • Loading

  • Discharging

  • Document output

  • Plant exit

Besides these main functions we can also handle safety checks, quality controls, cargo securing etc.

User-friendly hardware

The operational processes can be automised and significantly improved by means of OAS logistic terminals. External service providers, as for example truck drivers, are able to recall orders independently and they can organise the weighing- and loading process. The transport documents will be printed out directly at the terminal. The driver realises the signature on the touch-screen. Thus, unnecessary internal documents can be avoided as well as the resulting manual capturing of these documents. All information are immediately and plant-wide available as electronic file.

Of course, the user interface of the terminals can be designed as multilingual version. The driver chooses a language that guides him through the subsequent dialogue via the welcome mask on the touch-screen.

The terminals are in a very robust design for the daily use in the industrial environment. Through the installation of a daylight-suitable touch-screen, the terminals are made for outside operation. In addition, the terminals are height adjustable and enable the truck driver to realise the above-described functions from their driver cabs.



Self-service terminals for truck drivers

The self-service terminal for controlling your traffic and vehicle barriers


The self-service for weighing and loading / discharge processes


Self-service terminal for yard management, plant logistics, or dispatch automation solutions


  • Freely configurable through modular and scaleable construction
  • High availability because of robust industry components
  • Mounting in the internal and external area
  • Operation can be made from the vehicle (height adjustment)
  • Protected installation of the components
  • Operator terminal with powder-coated stainless steel front panel in a high protection category
  • Touch-screen, optional suitable for daylight operation
  • Signature on the touch-screen
  • Different ident systems integratable (can also be provided by the customer)
  • Document printout (receipt-/etiquette printer and or black white-/colour laser printer)
  • Interphone
  • Omni directional barcode scanner, installed sun-proof
  • Calibratable weight value display
  • Calibratable weight value memory
  • Air circulation with thermostat controlled heating