We provide our customers from different branches a reliable partner on the market for plant technology, process technology and weighing systems. In this function we are planning and realising complete manufacturing plants. We supply measuring and automatic control systems and develop own software solutions for the process control systems.

From the beginning of the development of calibratable computer systems the company’s founder Mr. Otto A. Schwimmbeck established OAS AG on the basis of this core competence and expanded the business activities continuously. Today OAS AG belongs to the leading suppliers of branch-specific plants for batch-oriented manufacturing industry. With our procedural total solution and our innovative process control systems we claim the market successfully in the multi-class competition. Industrial manufacturing processes of all branches need to be competitive on the global market regarding quality, reliability and profitability. Thereby the use of automatised controls is essential to assure price advantages at consistent or increased quality.

OAS AG has established in the global market due to a continuously growth. Our modern technology and our own development of innovative products shaped the process automation sustainably.

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