The motto of the Bremen merchants „Dare and Win“ dominates the history of the company OAS AG. After having been founded by Otto A. Schwimmbeck as small engineering office in 1982, the OAS AG expands steadily. From the beginning, the young company distinguishes itself by its enormous power of innovation. Within the framework of a research project, the founder Otto A. Schwimmbeck had developed the first ever computer world-wide to be capable of calibration. Still today, this milestone is important to all divisions of the OAS AG.

In the year 1989, the company moves to the technology park of Bremen, a centre of science and innovation right next to the university.

In 1994, the OAS AG gets the first approval for electronic weighing systems to be valid throughout Europe by the physical-technical Bundesanstalt in Braunschweig.

In the 1990’s, the OAS AG continously grows and gets stronger involved in foreign markets. Today, the OAS AG successfully acts world-wide and disposes of own sales and marketing cooperations in China, Bulgaria and India.

In 2004, the change of corporate form to an unlisted incorporated company takes place.

The regiodata GmbH, a leading medium-sized IT service provider, is incorporated into the company in 2006.

By the foundation of the OAS Automation GmbH in 2010, the division of the OAS AG which has been very successful so far, is further extended. The OAS Automation GmbH especially attends to the process automation of the automotive industry.

Also in future, we will stick to the maxim of healty growth. A new company headquarter in the technology park Bremen which will be terminated in 2012 creates space for the future development of the company and its employees.

Milestones and Awards

1982 - Founding of the company

1985 - Development of the first calibratable computer worldwide

1989 - Approval of the calibratable computer by the Physical-Technical Federal Agency (PTB) Braunschweig

1991 - Winner of "Concepts for Success" innovation competition organised by the Bremer Landesbank

1994 - First Europe-wide approval for electronic weighing machines by the PTB Braunschweig

2000 - Company founder Otto A. Schwimmbeck receives "Bremer Entrepreneur 2000" award

2004 - Change of corporation form to non-listed stock corporation
2006 - Incorporation of regiodata GmbH

2010 - Founding of OAS Automation GmbH

2011 - Peter Neelmeyer Foundation award for the development of the world's leading software for weighing and measuring technology (awarded to Karl Krone)

2012 - Move to the new company building in the Bremen Technology Park