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IT solutions

A backup is a security copy of a data medium or a digital document to be accessible when the original file should get lost.

Batch control
Production control

Batch-oriented process control based on production recipes.

Batch log
Production control

Documents created for each process batch which contain all ingredients, process details, and equipment used to produce the product.

Branch software
IT solutions

Branch applications and application programmes which can be used for standard functions in the company and which are, contrary to cross-function or function-related standard software, adjusted to particular market segments.

We distinguish the following:

  • Data management system e:maxx (disposal & recycling, bulk material, recoverable waste, anaerobic digestion plants)
  • LOGIS (yard management, control of incoming lorries, dispatch automation)
  • Wcon Desktop (truck scales management)
  • proNTo (process control system across industries)


Bulk material
Plant engineering

Bulk material is a lumpy amount of material which can be transferred by pouring, such as grains, sand, gravel, cement. Bulk material is characterised mainly by grain size (or gradation) and its apparent density per volume unit.

Business software
IT solutions

see Commercial software

IT solutions

Bring Your Own Device (in short: BYOD) designates the integration of private end devices into the network of companies and institutions.

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