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Plant engineering

Computer-aided engineering (CAE) covers all types of computer support in technical working processes.

Calibration service
Weighing technology – truck scales

The calibration service is a service to calibrate the truck scales installed to the desired maximum load by means of a calibration vehicle. Calibration is a check of measuring instruments required by law to prove that they comply with the applicable regulations in the Standards and Measures Law, in particular the calibration error limits according to the German MessEG.

Calibration vehicle
Weighing technology – truck scales

A calibration vehicle is a lorry with several tons of calibration weights loaded on it. The calibration vehicle serves the calibration of truck scales or the load cells and the weighing electronics and is used upon installation of a set of truck scales to calibrate this as required by law.

Calibration weights
Wägetechnik - Fahrzeugwaagen

The calibration weights are weights certified by the Office of Weights and Measures proving a desired weight compared to the original kilogramme.

IT solutions

A client is the user of a resource or service made available on a server.

Cloud solution
IT solutions

Cloud solutions (or cloud computing) is the provision of IT infrastructure through a computer network without the need to use a local computer. Here, the cloud services are called as required and dynamically and invoiced following a usage-dependent model.

Coarse scales
Weighing technology

Coarse scales are mainly used to weigh low-priced goods. These scales may deviate by +/-0.5 % maximum from the calibration value.

Commercial scales
Weighing technology – truck scales

Commercial scales are calibratable scales of accuracy class III. They serve as an auxiliary means to weigh and evaluate products.

Computer management
IT solutions

DThe computer management covers recording and management of all computers logged on the server.

Production control

The manufacturing execution system provides interfaces to all machines in production. Via these interface nominal values are set in the machines and actual values are fed back to document the process. A production order or production recipe includes not only the raw materials required but also machine parameters. 

Furthermore, smart sensors, such as RFID, QR code readers, cameras, are also connected to the manufacturing execution system. 

Control of incoming lorries
Yard management

To keep track of things during delivery of goods, the drivers get a signalling device (pager). This sounds and displays as soon as it is the driver's turn and the driver will move to the corresponding point.

Conveyor systems
Plant engineering

Conveyor systems are machines and installations used to transport different media.

Cross knife
Plant engineering

Knife featuring 4 blades arranged orthogonally. It is used for automatic opening of big bags.

IT solutions

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