Business SegmentExplanation/Definition
Electrical engineering
Plant engineering

Drawing circuit diagrams for switch cabinets, also refer to CAE.

Electrical installation
Plant engineering

Electrical installation is the installation or the assembly of prefabricated compounds to mount a technical installation.

Endpoint protection
IT solutions

Endpoint protection describes the measures taken and regulations met to protect all end devices with access to a network against detrimental attacks by third parties. 

Why endpoint security?
Proven protection measures, such as antiviral software or firewalls, meanwhile have turned out to be mostly ineffective if the cyber attacks take place via the end devices of the individual users, what according to experts is the fact in more than two thirds of the attacks. Affected end devices (clients) are for instance:

  • PCs
  • notebooks
  • smartphones
  • tablets
Energy management
Production control

Energy management is designed to increase the efficiency of the energy (electricity, gas, oil, compressed air, etc.) used in production and to reduce energy consumption. Another part of energy management is the planning of resources regarding peaks in current consumption. The manufacturing execution system supports the operating party in the detection and management of measuring points and in the assignment of consumptions to products, raw materials, and production orders and in the corresponding reporting.

Enterprise content management
IT solutions

Enterprise content management (in short: ECM) comprises of methods, techniques, and tools to detect and control contents and documents to support organisational processes in the company. ECM components and methods can be to:

  • capture
  • manage
  • store
  • preserve
  • deliver
Enterprise resource planning
IT solutions

The enterprise resource planning supervises and manages all flows of goods in the company regarding time, quality, and quantity.

Also refer to: ERP software

ERP software
IT solutions

Enterprise resource planning is about the coordination of production factors, such as capital, human resources, operating supplies, or materials, and is designed to continuously optimise and simplify the processes of value creation in the company.

Exploit prevention
IT solutions

Exploits are a particular kind of malware. They contain data or an executable code which make use of one or more security flaws in the software running on a PC.

Web browsers, Flash, Java, and Microsoft Office are among the most frequently attacked ones. As they can be found everywhere, security experts and hackers actively search for security flaws.

The developers have to publish regular patches to eliminate security flaws. Such patches should be installed immediately upon publishing; however, this is not always done because you have to close e.g. all browser tabs or open files to update the device. Another issue are exploits for security flaws so far unknown which hackers find and use. These are so-called Zero-Day-Exploits. It can take a while until manufacturers get to know about the problem and solve this.

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