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Production control

"Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points" describes a procedure in the food industry to investigate into the production processes regarding potential hazards to the consumer and to monitor them by setting check points at critical points in the production chain. The manufacturing execution system supports such procedures, e.g. by automatic monitoring of the CCPs, release of checks along with corresponding documentation (e.g. regular checks of metal separators), release of incident handling measures, and generation of reports to deliver the proof of all required processes to the operating party. 

Handling Scales
Weighing technology – truck scales

A set of handling scales includes three containers with the centre one being the weighing container. This is continuously filled and discharged through opening flaps.

IT solutions

Collective term for all services regarding the external physical provision of IT resources. These are among other things:

  • services by computer centres
  • managed hosting
  • web hosting
  • system disaster recovery services


  • Opportunity to run on one's own responsibility an own computer or a virtual server at a provider of outsourcing services (dedicated root server).
  • Provision of web space on an external server of the provider of hosting services to provide access to websites, software, or applications on the Internet (web hosting).
IT solutions

The removal of IT systems into an external computer centre, the so-called  housing, is recommended especially for medium-sized to large companies, which attach great importance to security with continuous monitoring or which want to run their IT systems in parallel.

In cooperation with a regional partner, we offer optimum conditions to our customers:

  • highly-modern computer centre according to the highest applicable security standards in Bremen/Germany
  • access control
  • fire detection and alarm system including fire extinguishing system
  • earthing/equipotential bonding system
  • uninterruptible power supply of 230 V
  • air-conditioning for technical equipment
  • IT systems are located in whole racks or in dedicated height units in the rack cabinet

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