Business SegmentExplanation/Definition
IT solutions

“Infrastructure as a Service” is based on the principle of providing network access to users – in most cases via the Internet – and to provide services in this way.

IFS food
Production control

“International Featured Standard”, previously known as “International Food Standard”, is an auditing standard for companies which process, treat, or first pack foodstuff. The main objectives are quality assurance and product safety in production. The manufacturing execution system supports this by guiding the operators through each kind of manual process and by providing corresponding process documentation, i.e. reporting. 

Industry 4.0
Yard management

Designation of general digitalisation of industrial production aiming at securing and developing the manufacturing trades by means of state-of-the-art information and communication technology.

IT inventory
IT solutions

The IT inventory documents all hardware or software implemented in an IT structure.

IT support
IT solutions

Our IT support serves the rapid and efficient solution to hardware or software issues.

IT system integration
IT solutions

IT system integration means the process of incorporating hardware or software into an IT structure.

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