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Linear plant
Plant engineering

This is a particular configuration of a plant for dry materials featuring storage in silos. In a linear plant, in contrast to a tower plant, the raw material is first dosed out of silos into a set of container scales and then transported upwards to reach the mixer. The advantage here is the lower height of construction of the plant for dry materials. Disadvantages are that more floor space is required and the costs of purchase as well a the consumption of energy for materials-handling technology are higher.

Liquid media
Plant engineering

We assist in the development of a new plant concept or in the assessment of an existing plant process in the field of liquid media, such as paints, varnishes, solvents, binders, dispersions, acids, isocyanates, biocides.

Load cells
Weighing technology

Load cells are calibratable measuring instruments, which are located under a set of scales.

Loading control
Yard management

Loading control supervises and coordinates the access of suppliers to the site.

Loading unit
Weighing technology – truck scales

The loading unit is a mechanical aid to load and unload heavy loads.

Logistic terminal
Yard management

With logistic terminals (or: self-service terminals), the operational procedures in the yard management and the control of incoming lorries can be automated and, consequently, they become much more efficient. They serve easy and intuitive self-service by the driver.

Low-floor truck scales
Weighing technology – truck scales

Thanks to the elevated bridge arrangement, the low-floor truck scales is suitable even for extra wide vehicles to prevent force shuts during weighing.

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