Business SegmentExplanation/Definition
Machine-readable optical codes
Production control

In production, mainly a variety of barcode systems or QR codes is used, e.g. to identify trading units (bags, big bas, etc.), storage locations, or exchangeable containers. 

Managed service provider
IT solutions

A managed service provider is a provider of IT services which takes responsibility for provision and management of a defined number of services for customers.

Management of materials
Yard management

The management of materials covers management as well as planning and control of material movements in the company in terms of time, quantity, quality, and – if required – space allocation.

Materials-handling technology
Plant engineering

Materials-handling technology is one field of mechanical engineering covering the layout, project engineering, and construction of conveyor systems for bulk materials and break bulks.

Production control

Machine data acquisition

Production control

A manufacturing execution system (in short: MES or production control system) serves the connection of the company management level (ERP, Enterprise Resource Planning) with the production processes – in real time. Here, the MES controls and documents both, the systems for process automation and the manual processes.

Minimum load
Weighing technology – truck scales

In business traffic, the minimum load is the load or difference at least to be kept to guarantee an exact measuring result and to exclude too large a measuring difference.

Mobile device management
IT solutions

The mobile device management (in short: MDM) designates the central management of mobile devices by one or several administrators by means of software and hardware.

IT solutions

Monitoring designates the supervision (also: monitoring of local networks) of different software procedures and of the hardware system status.

Multi-client capability
IT solutions

The multi-client capability is connected with our branch software and describes the capability of a server to manage several clients at the same time whilst allowing each client only access to that data, this client is authorised for.

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