Business SegmentExplanation/Definition
Net weight
Weighing technology – truck scales

The net weight states the load of the cargo less the load of the vehicle.

Network camera
Yard management

A network camera is a camera delivering videos in a closed network.

Next generation firewall
IT solutions

Next generation firewalls combine the functions of conventional firewalls – such as packet filtering, network address translation (NAT), URL blocking, and virtual private networks (VPN) – with state-of-the-art functions – such as the quality of services (QoS) – and options, which normally are not provided in firewalls. This includes intrusion prevention, SSL and SSH inspection, deep packet inspection, reputation-based malware defence, or application awareness. These application-specific defence measures are designed to defend against the increasing number of attacks taking place on the levels 4-7 of OSI stack.

Non-SEPA payments
IT solutions

Payments outside of the European Single Euro Payments Area (SEPA) in accounting or foreign currency.

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