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Yard management

A pager is a mobile radio receiver designed to radio the driver for information purposes (while s/he is waiting on the yard). Pager-oriented solutions within the scope of yard automation 4.0 provide for secure communication and optimisation of plant-logistic processes by reducing the in-plant residence and lead times (also refer to: Time slot management).

IT solutions

see Payroll accounting

IT solutions

see Payroll accounting

Peripheral equipment
IT solutions

Peripheral equipment in the IT industry designates all physical end devices connected to a system.

Phishing awareness
IT solutions

Sensitising the employees to a secure handling of e-mails as e-mails still are the point of attack No. 1 in a company. Here, the weak point is the human being. However, the "human firewall" can be optimised in selective training.

Pile foundation
Weighing technology – truck scales

The scales foundation is made of armoured concrete piles of varying depth supporting the load points of the scales.

Pit foundation
Weighing technology – truck scales

With a pit foundation, the trafficable surface is flush with the surrounding surface. 

Plant engineering
Plant engineering

Plant engineering covers new construction, extension, and modernisation of production lines. It includes consulting, project engineering, delivery, assembly, and commissioning, as well as the after-sales service. In mechanical process engineering, we distinguish between bulk goods (plants for dry materials) and liquid media.

Our scope of services covers:

  • Turnkey bulk material equipment
  • Modernisation and expansion of plants
  • Silo systems
  • Suction and pressure conveyors
  • Container-scales systems
  • Fibre dosing
  • Dosing systems for small and medium components
  • Mixers (batch and continuous mixers)
  • Filling and loading systems
  • IBC dosing
  • Drum dosing
  • Dissolvers
  • Tank farms
Plant for dry materials
Plant engineering

Plants for dry materials store and finish bulk materials. Storage can be e.g. in silos, big bags, or bag chutes. Normally, the raw materials are finished in mixing procedures or by triage to become the finished product.

Plant logistics
Yard management

Yard management, plant logistics, and dispatch automation cover planning, organisation, control, processing, and supervision of the entire flow of materials and goods.

Platform weigher
Weighing technology

A platform weigher is one of the many varieties of scales. It is often used to weigh solid matters.

Production control

A programmable logic control (in short: PLC) is an automation device holding a programmed code to use digital and analogue input values ("process image") to set digital and analogue output values in order to control machines and processes. 

PLC control
Production control

see PLC

PLC loading control
Yard management

See Loading control and PLC

Plug conveying
Plant engineering

Material-friendly pneumatic conveying during which the material handled is in sections surrounded by air ("plug"). Compressed air is used to move the plugs at low conveying speed into the material separator. This conveying method prevents damage to damageable material.

Preventive maintenance
Production control

The manufacturing execution system uses statistical methods to calculate the prospective (future) date for maintenance work. This calculation can be used to create maintenance orders. The system documents the execution of such maintenance orders. 

Process automation
Production control

Process automation is used to automate machines, installations, or facilities (e.g. automation of production lines).

Automation covers the following:

  • Electrical engineering (CAE)
  • Programming of software for different automation systems (e.g. PLC)
  • Electrical installation
Process control system
Production control

An MES with the automated control of a process-controlled production line in focus. 

Process control technology
Production control

The process control technology gives the control of process-controlled and automated procedures special emphasis. To this end, an MES is linked with automation devices. 

Process engineering
Plant engineering

Process engineering is a segment of engineering science and deals with all procedures in which material properties are converted.

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