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IT solutions

Rack – or IT rack, data switch, IT cabinet, server cabinet, data cabinet – is a frame with subracks to house servers, bridges, routers, memory modules, patch panels, and other IT or network components.

Ramp management
Yard management

see Time slot management

Recoverable waste and anaerobic digestion plants
Plant engineering

An anaerobic digestion plant is designed to digest organic substances in a controlled manner. During digestion in the biogas converter results biogas from the substrate. The digestate can be used as fertiliser or bedding. Normally, the biogas is transformed into electric energy and heat in a combined heat and power station belonging to the plant.

Remote display
Yard management

The remote and external display serves the calibratable weight display and the use in outdoor calling systems.

IT solutions

A replication is the exact copy of an instrument.

Production control

With radio frequency identification (RFID), the so-called transponder tags can be read automatically and without touching. The reader uses electromagnetic waves to activate the tags; thus, no source of energy is required in the transponder. Read-only tags answer with their unique ident code. There even exist transponders, where data can be written on. 

What sets transponders in production apart from other code supports, is their insensitivity to environmental influences (temperature, humidity, etc.). They are mainly used to identify consistently reused exchangeable or transport containers and clearly assign and document the corresponding production step (filling with raw material / semi-product / finished product / storage allocation / discharging / cleaning / etc.).

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