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Yard management

In weighing, tare is the difference between the gross weight and the net weight of a weighed good.

Tare weight
Weighing technology – truck scales

The weight of the lorry without cargo.

Weighing technology – truck scales

The terminal is the user interface of the set of scales.

Terminal box
Weighing technology – truck scales

The terminal box houses the cable connections of the load cells and the scales terminals.

Thin client
IT solutions

Thin client, slim client, or lean client is a computer or a software which needs a server to work. Advantages of the thin client: The total cost of ownership (in short: TCO) are low: less energy consumption, less set-up time.

Time recording
IT solutions

see Time management

Time slot management
Yard management

TMS (or time control, ramp management) in logistics is the coordination of all loading and unloading procedures at the loading ramp. This aims at the best possible coordination of these procedures to ensure on-time supply to production along with on-time supply of the finished products to the end customer (prevention of long and cost-intensive lorry waiting times).

Tower plant
Plant engineering

This is a particular configuration of a plant for dry materials featuring storage in silos. In a tower plant, in contrast to a linear plant, the raw material is dosed in free fall out of the silos via the container scales into the mixer. Advantages are that less floor area and less transport energy are required when dosing in free fall. Disadvantages are that the building is higher and the costs for structural steel engineering are higher as well.

Track scales
Weighing technology – truck scales

A pair of track scales is a loading track incorporated in the rail network and designed to weigh trains. We distinguish dynamic and static track scales.

Tracking & tracing
Production control

Reverse batch tracing and tracking of the use of raw material batches in the finished product. Tracking & tracing is the basis for a consistent documentation of the flow of materials. Both, automated processes and manual production steps to finish or blend raw materials and semi-products, are part of the material postings.

Traffic light system
Yard management

The traffic light system coordinates the traffic by light signals.

Traffic routing technology
Yard management

Traffic routing technology comprises of traffic control on site and includes e.g. gate solutions, systems to check the positions of vehicles on the scales (light barriers, ultrasonic systems, etc.), traffic light systems, and remote displays.

Truck scales
Weighing technology – truck scales

A pair of truck scales is a measuring instrument designed to weigh different vehicles and measures the total weight of vehicles and their cargo.

We distinguish the following types of truck scales:

Turnkey plant
Plant engineering

A turnkey plant is a completely built plant, including all trades required, which can be used by the operating party without any further interfaces to outside trades.

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