wcon - weighing solution

The smart concept for your truck scales

wcon – digital truck scales management

The smart concept for your truck scales

As one of the leading vendors of automated truck scales and thanks to our close cooperation with industry and logistics, we prove extensive expert knowledge regarding the design of complex truck scales systems. Our wcon (weighing concept) offers you many advantages.

Easy collection and processing of weighing data

With the software wcon-Desktop, you may rapidly detect and process weighing data for your truck Scales management on the computer, Terminal, or a mobile device via an intuitive user interface.

Wide range of applications

The modular design of the wcon truck Scales management is suitable for a variety of application fields. It is possible to integrate features, such as opening of the factory gate including access control and safety instruction as well as quality assurance, e.g. sampling and collection of analysis values, into the system.

Easy process optimisation – decide for yourself!

One key component of the innovative concept is the individual design of processes at the truck scales by the operating party. These optimised processes reduce handling expenditure and door-to-door times.

Consistently modular design

It is possible to combine all wcon components as required. Accordingly, the system can also be extended later easily and without any software adjustments.

wcon system functions
  • registration
  • access control
  • safety instructions at the self-service terminal
  • position check during weighing
  • desktop weighing for several truck scales
  • self-service through driver
  • video surveillance
  • photographic documentation of the freight, the car registration number, or the position of the car
  • displaying or printing of the loading and unloading points on the site plan
  • call to take samples
  • recording of additional data, e.g. analysis values
  • permits
  • processing of input and output signals, e.g. to open gates
  • printing and sending of weighing notes, e.g. by e-mail
  • analyses and statistics
  • export of data

wcon Desktop

The truck scales management software

Wcon Desktop is the innovative software enabling quick and comfortable operation as well as Automation of your truck scales. Use this desktop application  to weigh vehicles, control your business processes, and analyse data quickly and flexibly.

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Advantages and functions of wcon Desktop

Safe operation
The user-friendly operation allows for quick familiarisation and easy handling of weighing operations.

A high-performance MS SQL server database provides for flexible and clear management, analysis, and export of data in established formats, such as PDF or CSV.

Investment security
The operating party can design business operations without having to carry out any programming. Accordingly, permits, sampling, or switching of floating contacts, for instance, can be easily implemented in the process.

  • easy preparation of templates by saving select menus and filters

  • group option for rapid evaluation

  • calibratable weight display for several scales

  • delivery and despatch, single and outside weighing, relocation, ordered weighing

  • flexible filter options, e.g. according to time, and clear navigation

  • intuitive operator guidance
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wcon Terminals

Self-service through driver

With the wcon terminals, the driver is able to weigh the vehicle independently and quickly without additional workforce. The Terminal can be operated from the vehicle or indoor spaces.

Simple touch screen operation
The self-explanatory structure provides for easy operation on a special touch screen – this is how 24/7 service is guaranteed. The user interface is multi-lingual and the driver can easily select the desired language.

Reduced door-to-door time
The operating party can individually visualise operating sequences, texts, and pictures. The driver is guided safely through the system by single-step operation. Only those steps that are necessary are performed, which leads to reduced door-to-door time.

Durable and suitable for use in daylight
The powder-coated operator terminals are made of stainless steel and are extremely weather-proof resistant. The touch screens feature brightness control and can also be read in direct sunlight.

wcon Mobile

The mobile terminal

The mobile applications are used for independent and easy registration through smartphone, tablet, or remote control without having to leave the vehicle.

Quick identification
By means of the identification of the mobile devices, the driver or vehicle can be identified quickly and easily, gates can be opened, and permits can be granted.

The equipment required for operation any time at hand
Comfortable input of complementary data 


wcon-Mobile Terminal für das Fahrzeugwaagen-Management

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