Why change anything?

Very simple: Save costs and increase production efficiency!

In the production process, coating are often a crucial factor in the manufacture of optimum castings. Besides the quality of the coatings, the proper preparation of these coatings makes an essential contribution to reliable and efficient production. It is important to prevent unnecessary surface defects, which result in disturbances in the value chain, scrap, refinishing and, consequently to additional costs.

At the same time, the demands both on the coatings themselves and on the storage systems have risen continuously over the past few years.

Therefore, Hüttenes-Albertus and OAS have jointly developed a series of modules that were adjusted to the needs of operators, from storage to provision in dip tanks and flow coat basins. These units are designed on a modular basis to guarantee investment protection, even if the task is changed.

Coating in containers of tank trucks

Due to the sedimentation tendency of the coating when delivered in containers, it has to be kept ready for use by introducing shearing effects. The stirring effect in delivery containers, however, deteriorated as the fill level drops.

To solve this problem, an optimized mixing tank was designed into which the entire contents of the container can be transferred, making the coating available to the operator in an optimum condition. The coating is gently stirred by a special stirrer without formation of a vortex.

Measurement technology with high availability

The test methods available to the operators are restricted, and often only a limited resolution is possible. The new designed OAS SCCD measuring system works entirely without contact to the product, and therefore its function is unaffected by the properties of the coating.

The combination of selected measuring equipment allows for high resolution analysis with excellent reproducibility and a high degree of availability.

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