Visit from City University of Applied Sciences

OAS AG from Bremen and the International Women's Degree Programme in Computer Science at City University of Applied Sciences are conducting a joint software project in the summer semester of 2022. Under the supervision of the accompanying professor Dr. Prädel, the students will work on a practical task set by OAS.

Project focus: the programming of an online ordering portal with reference to the Yard management software product logis of OAS AG. The implementation is to be carried out using modern development tools and techniques, whereby both frontend and backend programming, including the connection of a database, must be developed.

The kick-off event on April 26, 2022 took place in the seminar rooms of OAS AG in Bremen. After getting to know each other personally, the 11 students were given an overview of the company's activities and business areas, with a special focus on the Yard management division and the logis software product based here. In this context, the interaction of Self-service terminals, weighing technology and the software was demonstrated to the interested audience. After a little refreshment, the actual project task was explained, whereupon a lively exchange quickly ensued. The students receive support from 3 OAS employees from the Yard management department, with different task focuses. In the project, the students have to analyze the content and scope of the tasks and organize themselves independently as a team. Thus, in addition to the pure development/programming activities, the creation of a specification sheet, as well as the coordination of smaller working groups, the execution of tests and, of course, the final presentation are also part of the activities.

In the following weeks, the participants will first deal with the set requirements on their own, whereby a visit of OAS AG employees at the university is not excluded.

We are pleased that we could win a large number of female students for the project with our task from practice. We are looking forward to the coming weeks and are looking forward to further discussions, new ideas and the cooperation with the City University of Applied Sciences Bremen.

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