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Automated truck scales featuring self-service by the driver

Truck scales and self-service terminals by OAS AG increase the rapidity and reliability of plant-logistic processes. 

  • Weighing processes accelerated through automation
  • Self-service terminals minimise paperwork
  • Real-time and plant-wide data are available
  • Automation components can be implemented in the SAP structure 

Weighing processes take only a few seconds thanks to the plant-logistic automation components by OAS AG – starting with identification of the delivery vehicles, through the scanning of order data, ending up with actual weighing.

The benefits of automated truck scales are obvious: The scales become free in shorter time and more lorries can be dispatched. It does not matter whether it is about fuels, ash, liquid components, or mineral intermediates.

The truck scales and self-service terminals by the Bremen specialists for weighing technology and automation make weighing processes the easiest thing in the world. With a few entries, the drivers can independently create orders at the self-service terminals and carry out weighing or loading and unloading. The corresponding shipping documents are printed directly at the terminal and can be signed by the driver just there on a touch screen.

Data processing in SAP
Immediate data processing on the scales leads to considerable reduction in processing expenditure of the plant-logistic processes because it is not required anymore to manually enter the order and shipping data in the office. Moreover, all information from the virtual memories in the terminals are available immediately and plant-wide as electronic data. All data can be managed in the existing SAP structure – no more printed forms and multiple input of the same data. Thus, automation of plant logistics makes considerable contribution to the traceability of all process steps involved and, consequently, to the availability of the plant.

Further benefits of automation components: The terminals show a rugged design and are suitable for daily use even in harsh environments. In addition, a multilingual user interface is available.

The driver simply selects the desired language for the dialogue by touching the welcome screen. Since the terminals are adjustable in height, the drivers also can control all functions from the driver's cab. Another advantage regarding speed and availability.


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