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Above-ground scales
Weighing technology – truck scales

A set of above-ground scales is a particular construction type of scales where the weighing bridge is above the construction ground.

Abrasive substances
Plant engineering

Materials which cause heavy abrasion when they are conveyed.

Accounts payable accounting
IT solutions

see Financial accounting

Accounts receivable accounting
IT solutions

see Financial accounting

Yard management

The ADR-Card (a hazmat endorsement permitting transportation of hazardous goods) is required by a driver who wants to load and transport hazardous goods.

ANA system
Plant engineering

The ANA system (an attention key with confirmation of an emergency stop) is a safety device for a controlled discharge of transport tanks (road tankers, tank containers, rail tank cars). It is always used when water-hazardous substances are transferred through hoses from a tank vehicle into storage tanks.

Armoured concrete foundation
Weighing technology – truck scales

Armoured concrete beams are cast in excavated pits featuring formwork to build the scales foundation.

Plant engineering

The ATEX Directive (ATmosphères EXplosives) by the European Union to protect against explosion by protective measures for equipment used in hazardous areas. It is distinguished between a hazard by dust or by gas atmospheres.

Auger filling
Plant engineering

Discharge and dosing of bulk materials using the principle of the Archimedes screw. It is possible to counteract the pulsating discharge flow with design measures to provide for as constant a conveying capacity as possible, which is the prerequisite for accurate dosing of materials.

Plant engineering

AutoCAD (CAD means Computer-Aided Drafting) is a drawing programme by AutoDesk and a synonym for computer-aided design. It serves the preparation of technical drawings and 3D objects.

Production control

Automation connects mechanical engineering with electrical engineering aiming at automating processes, i.e. the processes are designed so as to run without the need of human intervention.

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