ANA system

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Attention emergency stop system (ANA)

Maximum safety when discharging tanks

The ANA system (attention emergency stop system) is a safety device for a controlled discharge of transport tanks (road tankers, tank containers, rail tank cars). It is always used when water-hazardous substances are transferred through hoses from a tank vehicle into storage tanks. The system is approved by the TÜV Nord (German Technical Control Association) for discharge of liquids hazardous to water from tank lorries and wagons that do not feature an own overfill prevention mechanism.

To make discharging from tank vehicles into a storage container safe, the operating party is required by law to reliably catch any product emerging in case of damage. The catching capacity required here could be very large, which not only entails considerable costs but also leads to a far more complicated flow of operations in this area. You can do without such catch basins holding several thousands of litres if you use an ANA system (attention key with confirmation of emergency stop). After maximum 40 seconds, this system securely locks the tank vehicle outlet in case of damage. Thus, the operating party may reduce the size of the catch basin to a maximum volume of 850 litres.

The ANA system is kept at hand in the discharging area as a stationary or a mobile device. The control unit can be used with different stop valves. The system features easy operation and can be kept at hand right at the point of use.

It features three safety components

  • The control unit is designed to control opening and locking of the stop valve. The integrated control unit processes the signals coming from the hand-held terminal and controls the stop valve. The control unit features a floating output, which can be used to lock the downstream equipment if required.

    The sturdy control box is made of stainless steel so as to ensure operatively sound use of the device even under rough loading conditions.

  • A stop valve featuring a spring-type lock drive with quick-release coupling is mounted between the tank vehicle and the filling hose. The stop valve is available in variable designs and nominal diameters. Connection to the control unit is made with an air hose featuring quick-release couplings. When the pressure drops, the spring force automatically locks the valve.

  • A plug-type cable connects the hand-held terminal with the control unit. The terminal features a manual pushbutton and an emergency-stop button. Moreover, there is a horn on the hand-held terminal to sound an alarm. The user operates the unit by means of the manual pushbutton. This pushbutton is designed to regularly check the presence of the person observing the transaction. Every 30 seconds an audible signal requests the operator to push the button within the next 10 seconds. Should the operator fail to do so, filling automatically stops. Moreover, the hand-held terminal features an emergency-stop button to immediately stop filling when required.

    The ANA system features the following options:

    • use in EX areas, zone 1
    • automatic cable coiler
    • automatic hose coiler
    • balancer
ANA-System der OAS AG
ANA-System der OAS AG
ANA-System der OAS AG

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