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Expansion & modernisation

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Expansion or modernisation of production plants or increase in production capacity

The Factory of the Future is efficient and smart. Your production is optimum as soon as you need less time and costs to achieve more output with your plant. But how to optimise production and which parameters have to be adjusted? 

Intensified competition, increased cost pressures, and changing customer requirements force the companies to optimise their production even more. Beside different target criteria, the optimisation of production also has to allow for all planning-relevant resources and restrictions in production to control them. Moreover, often the objectives of optimisation compete against each other. The persons responsible for planning often look up to the challenge to prepare a feasible production schedule, which includes all relevant target criteria and allows for their complex combination.



Engineering concepts for existing production lines

In many cases, our customer already owns a production line, which should be optimised. Even for existing, older lines, we develop mature engineering concepts to cost-efficiently increase the added value of an existing production line. These are e.g.:

extensions to add other raw materials,

modernisation to ensure safety and reliability of operation, and

the increase of production capacity.

Optimisation of your existing line

Often, this requires complex conversion of the existing facilities. We will submit solutions and also allow for aspects, such as

  • short shut-downs during conversion,
  • the optimisation of operational procedures and of the infrastructure in the production area and on the premises.

Please contact us to learn more about the possibilities of plant modernisation.

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