Air treatment system

to achieve proper breathing

Air treatment system

Protection against microbiological contaminants 

An air treatment system provides efficient protection against microbiological contaminants in tanks and storage containers. Every storage tank "breathes" whilst being filled or emptied. In addition, changes of air occur in the moments of thermal changes. In case water-based liquids, e.g. dispersions, are stored, such a "breathing" may lead to dried-on residues on the tank wall. Creating a saturated, controlled atmosphere inside the tank leads to minimising of such dried-on residues.

Prevention of bacterial contamination

Furthermore, there is the risk of bacterial contamination, which also can only be prevented by treating the air supplied into the tank. Here, the air treatment system by OAS is the approach to an efficient solution: the air treatment system is designed to guide "breathing" of the tank in a controlled manner over an aqueous solution. This may be e.g. a biocide solution acting against microbial contamination and against admission of dry air to the stored medium.

The additional installation of a cyclone in the exhaust air zone makes this air treatment system pressure surge proof and, therefore, suitable for being filled under overpressure out of a tank lorry. Two sight glasses on the front enable the operator to check level and functions without the need to open the unit.

The material options of the air treatment system (plastic or stainless steel) allow for free selection of the supply medium to prevent the risk of chemical corrosion.

One of the most important features of the system by OAS is the fact that this unit does not feature any movable components that could lead to malfunctions and as a result to damage to the storage tank.

Schematic diagram of an air treatment system and venting of / air supply to the container

Wasserschloss der OAS AG
Wasserschloss der OAS AG

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