Rotary distributor

for the industry of building materials

Rotary dosing distributor

designed to distribute bulk materials

The rotary dosing distributor developed by the OAS AG Company has been used successfully for distribution of bulk material in the industry of building materials. The compact unit is suitable for distribution of both – finished products as well as raw material – to up to 6 targets. The distributor is designed for abrasive bulk material, as well.

A gearwheel is used to drive the distributor unit, which is positioned by means of initiators. A special sealing system in conjunction with the contact pressure of the base plate generated by steel springs allows extremely low-dust distribution of the bulk material.

No entrainment of grains

A particular feature of our rotary distributor is that there is no entrainment of grains between targets or batches. This is an important advantage, e.g. for production of plasters for facing.

Basic design of the rotary distributor

The basic model of the unit is designed as a rotary distributor. This is suitable e.g. for

feeding of silo vehicles.

But if the distribution targets are (tandem) big bag stations, bucket conveyors, or packing machines, a controlled feeding of material is essential. This is ensured by installing a frequency-inverter controlled cellular wheel sluice into the material path of the rotating transfer chute.

Consequently, this rotary dosing distributor is also suitable, e.g. to feed bulk material into several dissolvers in the production of paints, lacquers, and varnishes or for the production of dispersion plasters.


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