Bulk materials & liquid media

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Plant engineering for bulk materials and liquid media

Trust in our long-term experience in the field

We couple the know-how required for the handling of bulk materials, such as sand, binders, filling materials, and chemical raw materials with our expert knowledge on how to handle the most different kinds of liquid media in the chemical industry and the paints, lacquers, and varnish industry. Whether it is about, e.g.:

  • modular silo plants,
  • mixing installations / mixers,
  • manual additions,
  • small and medium component stations (SMC),
  • dosing systems,
  • big bag systems,
  • bulk loading lines,
  • the automation of lines,
  • recipe management,
  • reverse batch tracing,

we develop your bulk material equipment with a team of experienced graduate engineers, draughtspersons, and design engineers and adjust each project individually to your requirements.

Our range of performances for the field of bulk materials & liquid media
  • turnkey plants
  • modernisation
  • plant extensions and plant sections
  • special designs for your requirements
  • storing – inside and outside
  • tank farms for solvents, binders, dispersions, acids, isocyanates, etc.
  • dosing, dosing control
  • pigging
  • mixing and dispersing
  • heating, cooling, vacuum
  • exothermic and endothermic processes
  • filling – large and small quantities
  • handling of liquid media in EX areas
  • suction and pressure conveyors
  • specialised company as defined by the WHG (the German Federal Water Act)
  • densimeters
  • pipeline construction
  • process control systems (MES / SCADA)
  • truck scales / dosing scales
Von der OAS AG entwickelte und gebaute Anlage für Schüttgüter und flüssige Medien

Filling of silos and storage tanks

Already for filling of silos and storage tanks many things have to be taken into consideration:

  • low-wear pipelines for pneumatic conveying of abrasive bulk materials
  • rules and regulations regarding the handling of water-hazardous substances (OAS is a certified specialist according to the German ordinance on installations handling materials hazardous to water AwSV § 62, formerly the German Federal Water Act WHG § 19 and offers ANA systems)
  • operator guidance during injection and filling


sophisticated storage and discharge systems

for big bags, bags, IBCs, and drums are used.

Processing of raw materials in production often is subject to the explosion protection requirements (ATEX) for substances subject to explosion hazard.

Here, OAS knows well the requirements for gas (zone 0, 1, 2) and dust (zone 20, 21, 22). We will be glad to give advice regarding the proper zoning in your company.

If you use water-based raw materials and products, our emphasis is on the applicable factory hygiene requirements. We offer key components (air treatment system, DK module) and deliver the necessary know-how in plant engineering.

Feel free to contact us! 

Your specialist in weighing and dosing technology

As a long-term

specialist for weighing and dosing technology,

we plan the dosing devices, such as feed screws, pumps, pneumatic systems, to meet your demands regarding accuracy. Our scope of delivery also includes mixers of dry matters for the industry of building materials. Regarding dissolvers and mixers, we – in arrangement with our customers – collaborate with approved suppliers for the corresponding industries and requirements.

In our planning, we allow for the filling technology – packing machines, palletisers and stretchers for bags, or filling machines for tins or hobbocks – with all interfaces to production. The customer may purchase and provide the machines. In addition to tank farms for finished products, our scope of delivery also includes silos for finished products as well as direct loading and big bag filling.

Beispiel einer Anlage für Schüttgüter und flüssige Medien, entwickelt von der OAS AG

From our consulting service up to our after-sales service

We offer you a full-service plant engineering

Our range of performance also covers the engineering and delivery of auxiliary energy units required, e.g. compressed air, steam, or thermal oil. The same applies to dedusting as well as ventilation and air extraction for the line components.

Turn to us for individual advice – we are looking forward to your inquiry!

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