wcon – self-service terminals

for truck scales

wcon – self-service terminals

for truck scales

wcon terminals for your truck scales

For an intuitive self-service by the driver

When using the wcon terminals, the driver is able to weigh the vehicle independently and quickly without requiring help by your personnel. The terminal can be operated from the vehicle or indoor spaces. The continuous availability of the scales terminals allows for 24/7 weighing of own or external vehicles in your company.

Whether in agriculture, in the disposal and recycling industry, or for industrial applications, the scales terminals allow for permanent availability of the truck scales without additional workforce.

Simple touch screen operation

The self-explanatory structure provides for easy operation on a special and robust touch screen. The user interfaces feature different languages and right at the beginning of operation the user is asked to select the desired language by touching a flag icon. It is also possible to implement graphics into the self-service user interface (e.g. icons, in-house instructions to meet the safety requirements, or order-related instructions referring to the loading and unloading points).

As the operating party, you may design the self-service process on your own in only a few clicks to adjust it perfectly to your business.

Reduced door-to-door time

The driver is guided safely through the process by single-step operation. This allows the driver to focus on the essential information in each input menu. Thanks to the custom-fit adjustment of the self-service process, only the data important to your process are recorded. Our experience gained in many years has shown that operating sequences at the scales in your company can be considerably accelerated and, consequently, the door-to-door times become reduced. Even an automation of only a part of the weighing procedures (e.g. only the execution of first weighing) can be realised easily.

Durability and suitability for use in daylight

The powder-coated operating terminals are made of stainless steel and extremely weather-proof and resistant. The touch screens feature brightness control and can also be read in direct sunlight. In advance, we will define in cooperation with you all components based on the process in your plant. Should your process be modified at a later time, the modular structure of the scales terminals makes amendments and the integration of further components possible at any time.

Loading control

With our smart loading control system, we can automate loading and unloading irrespective of the scales system. Here, we also use our self-service solution featuring a multilingual order menu to enter complementary data (selection of the silo, material, nominal quantities, or car registration number). Loading and unloading here again can be carried out by the driver without additional workforce. Signal communication with higher-level loading control systems via established bus systems is possible. The use of wcon terminals has become established in harsh industrial environments.

Let us also inform you about our self-service terminals for logistic applications in yard management – as an option also featuring control of incoming lorries – for an efficient control of the lorry traffic on your premises.


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