scaleo - Scale software for truck scales

Scale software for truck scales

and efficient weighing processes

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scaleo - Software for efficient truck scale management and factory logistics

scaleo is an "easy to use" scale software for truck scales, allowing for quick and convenient weighing and control of vehicles such as trucks, tankers, and tipper trailers. With its intuitive user interface, scaleo assists you in efficiently capturing weighbridge data at your truck scale, platform scale, or container scale, enabling effective traffic control of trucks on your premises. The flexible evaluation and export functions of scaleo provide you with a transparent overview of your goods flow at all times, allowing for efficient weighing.

Configurable self-service processes for labor-saving operation – around the clock

The innovative process designer of scaleo allows for extensive customization of individual self-service processes. This enables you to automate and self-administer order-specific processes, from registration and call-up to vehicle weighing and loading control, as needed, by the vehicle personnel. This way, you can relieve your own staff from time-consuming routine tasks and operate 24/7. The multilingual user interface allows for smooth processes even for international driver personnel. Through access control, integrated signature capture, and photo and video documentation of the cargo, vehicle registration plate, and vehicle position, you can always keep track of operations on your premises.

Of course, the scale software scaleo can be expanded with identification systems, traffic control technology, and remote control systems, tailored to our OAS vehicle scales and the weighing components of our wcon – weighing concepts.

scaleo scale software for truck scales

All the advantages of scaleo at a glance

  • Configurable standard product with intuitive process designer
  • Modern user interface for easy familiarization
  • Extensive self-service processes to relieve your own employees of routine tasks
  • Configurable order-related processes
  • Traceability of processes through photo documentation and video monitoring
  • Automatic e-mail dispatch
  • Can be expanded to include identification systems, traffic control technology and remote control systems
  • Overview of goods flows thanks to flexible evaluation and export functions
  • High performance thanks to the use of a powerful MS-SQL® database
  • 24/7 operation possible
  • Available as a purchase license or for rent

basic, standard, extended – scaleo is more than just scale software

The scale software scaleo is available in three different editions. This allows you to have the functionality that makes the most sense for your weighing requirements. From weighing at the truck scale and platform scale to self-service processing of factory logistics tasks. The basic edition allows for a cost-effective entry and already includes numerous basic functions for operating a truck scale and managing weighbridge data. The standard edition includes various functions for self-service, labor-saving operation. In the extended edition, you get additional customization options for the capture and processing of additional data through the Process Designer and the integrated Formula Editor.

All scaleo editions are available as both a purchase license and in an attractive rental model. For prices and conditions, feel free to contact us.

scaleo basic

  • Weighings
  • Reporting and Data Export
  • Input/Output Signal Processing
    (Traffic Lights, Barriers, Position Control, etc.)
  • Video Surveillance
  • Report Designer
  • Email Dispatch

scaleo standard

  • Extensive Self-Service Functions
  • Multilingualism / Language Editor
  • Process Designer
  • Standardized Interface (API)
  • Photo Documentation (Cargo, Vehicle Registration Plate, Vehicle Position)

  • plus all functions of the basic edition

scaleo extended

  • Load Control
  • Creation of Input Fields, Step Chains, or Acknowledgment Elements
  • Individual Calculation Methods using Formula Editor

  • plus all functions of the basic and standard editions
What you benefit from:
  • Easy-to-use with full flexibility
    scaleo's easy-to-use approach enables you to implement the software in your company in a streamlined manner. The three editions guarantee you the necessary flexibility depending on the required range of functions. One-off purchase or attractive hire? You decide for yourself.
  • Relief for your employees
    With the help of our self-service solutions, drivers can carry out many processes, from registration and weighing to loading and documentation, independently and in a labour-saving manner.
  • Everything from a single source
    At OAS, you receive perfectly harmonised hardware and software components from a single source. In addition to scaleo, we also supply you with robust self-service terminals and truck scales in a wide range of sizes and also take care of installation and calibration for you.
  • Comprehensive customer support
    Our support team is on hand to help you if required to ensure that everything runs smoothly. We also offer you convenient software maintenance contracts for regular updates as well as on-call contracts for maintenance and support.

Self-service processes for labour-saving 24/7 operation

In the standard and extended editions, the scaleo scale software is designed for self-service handling of central processes by lorry drivers. The intuitive scaleo process designer allows you to define your own customised processes. Together with our OAS Logistic Terminals, this gives you an integrated system for efficient and labour-saving handling of your operational processes:

  • Multilingual registration of lorry drivers
  • Self-service weighing and loading of vehicles
  • Issue of important transport and delivery documents
  • Access control and automatic safety instructions
  • Signature capture

With the help of OAS self-service terminals, external lorry drivers can be subjected to access control with automatic safety instructions. You can then weigh vehicles independently and record and print out the required documents and freight papers in multilingual dialogues if required. This enables smooth lorry traffic on your company premises, 24/7.

Our logistics terminals offer an efficient solution for the effective coordination of weighing processes on your premises and allow you to relieve your own staff of time-consuming routine tasks, thus saving time and costs.

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All scaleo Functions Overview

Receipt/Delivery, Single and Foreign Weighingcheckcheckcheck
Video Surveillancecheckcheckcheck
Input/Output Signal Processing
(Traffic Lights, Barriers, Position Control, etc.)
Signature Capture on Signature Padscheckcheckcheck
Report Designer for Informative Evaluationscheckcheckcheck
Data Export, List and Weighing Slip Printcheckcheckcheck
Email Dispatchcheckcheckcheck
Process Designer for Configurable Self-Service Processescheckcheck
Multilingualism / Language Editorcheckcheck
Remote Controlcheckcheck
Access Controlcheckcheck
Integration of Custom Graphicscheckcheck
Weighing Sequence Controlcheckcheck
Order Weighingcheckcheck
Inventory Managementcheckcheck
Standardized Interface (Web-API)checkcheck
Photo Documentation
(Cargo, Vehicle Registration Plate, Vehicle Position)
Load Controlcheck
Creation of Input Fields, Step Chains, or Acknowledgment Elementscheck
Individual Calculation Methods using Formula Editorcheck

Our scope of services

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As part of our service package, we offer you a non-binding and comprehensive consultation to optimise the processes in your business with our truck scale software scaleo. Together with you, we will discuss how we can support your processes with our hardware and software solutions and optimise your operations. Your requirements and wishes are our top priority.

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Project planning

Based on your requirements, we develop a detailed concept for realising the envisaged goals. We analyse your processes in detail and determine which components and steps are necessary to optimally integrate scaleo into your operations - in such a way that your processes remain as undisturbed as possible.

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Installation and commissioning

Our experts will install and commission the truck scales software at your premises. Implementation is carried out professionally and as smoothly as possible so that your ongoing operations are restricted as little as possible.

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After sales services

After installation and commissioning, we can train your staff in the use of scaleo if required and are always available to answer questions and provide explanations. In addition, we offer software maintenance contracts for regular updates as well as on-call contracts for maintenance and support to ensure worry-free operation. On request, we will also be happy to advise you on other matters relating to your business, such as truck scales, risk minimisation and failure protection. Please do not hesitate to contact us.

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