Plough-share mixer

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Short mixing time and top quality

The plough-share mixer is suitable for dry construction materials and it is made in Germany. We deliver mixers of a usable volume from 10 l to 4,000 l. Since the discharge flap is operated pneumatically, it does without a hydraulic system. The closed flap position is self-locking.
Customer-specific dimensions allow for replacement of an existing mixer with a new mixer of higher capacity even in confined spaces. A pilot plant mixer is available for trials with your specific raw materials.

Upon request, we also deliver the switch cabinet featuring frequency inverters and switchgears. The integration into your existing line in terms of mechanics and control technology can be carried out by OAS, as well. We also offer the mixer with a completely equipped downstream container.

Our portfolio includes a variety of mixer types for different tasks.
We also offer the mixer with a completely equipped downstream container.

Your benefits at a glance
  • bottom flap over the entire length of the trough and flush with the trough inside; this provides for a complete discharge with the tiniest possible remaining quantity

  • bottom flap sealing outside the material flow; this provides for the least possible wear and tear of the sealing
  • short discharge flap (500 mm) available as an option

  • split shaft sealing to allow easy access to the gland packings

  • wearing sleeve to protect the machine shaft
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Options for our plough-share mixer

  • automatic cleaning system 
  • cutter heads to dissolve lumps for homogenisation
  • different wear liners for the mixing drum (e.g. Hardox, stainless steel, or synthetic material)
  • connection point to feed liquids for different techniques (e.g. alleviation of dust)
  • sampler to check the product quality
  • key transfer system to provide for safe opening of the inspection door

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