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Software for the waste management and bulk materials industry

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emaxx – Your Industry Software for Waste Management and Bulk Materials Industry

As a scale-based merchandise management solution for waste management and bulk materials industry, emaxx is an ideal solution for managing your central processes, from master data maintenance to performance recording on vehicle weighing scales and self-service terminals, to invoicing with transfer to your financial accounting. It can be used on the go, outside of the computer workstation, at your customers' locations or out on the factory premises.

emaxx is the ideal industry software for businesses in the waste management and disposal industry, landfills and recycling yards, construction waste recycling and demolition, sand and gravel works, quarries, asphalt and cement industries, building materials trade, biogas plants, or pellet plants.

Modular Structure meets Maximum Flexibility

The application grows with your requirements: Even in the basic version, emaxx provides an ideal entry-level solution with convenient evaluation functions. Whether it's waste, recycling or bulk materials industry: emaxx can be customized to your needs thanks to the individual structure of the system. Additional modules can also be retrofitted at any time without any problems. This way, you remain flexible even when there are changes in your business processes and are prepared for the future. If you need a special solution for your company, we are happy to offer you the required software extension after a joint definition.

Digital Customer Portal for Delivery Note and Invoice Retrieval

With the emaxx customer portal, your business partners have centralized access to their personal delivery notes and invoices at any time: Convenient and automated. This creates transparency for your customers and streamlines the documentation of business transactions for your employees.

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All functions of emaxx at a glance

  • Offer and order management
  • Disposition
  • Weighing processes
  • Mobile data capture
  • Payment processing
  • Electronic invoice delivery
  • Electronic signature
  • Self-service processes
  • Data replication for decentralized locations
  • Powerful SQL database (MS SQL® and Oracle®)
  • eANV connection and eANV AV-IS
  • Customer portal with delivery note and invoice overview
  • Modular structure with individual process design


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Waste, disposal and recycling industry

  • Thermal waste treatment plants
  • Waste disposal plants
  • Recycling yards
  • Waste transfer stations
  • Landfills
  • Soil treatment

emaxx is perfectly adapted to the requirements of the electronic waste records procedure (eANV) and offers companies in the waste and recycling sector numerous functions for standard-compliant documentation. emaxx offers you direct communication with the central coordination office (ZKS) - the institution of the German federal states for the technical implementation of the electronic waste records procedure. This eliminates the need for the provider that is otherwise customary in the market. In addition, relevant functions, such as the creation of consignment notes, are integrated into the weighing process, so that precise documentation of the disposal is guaranteed and all requirements of the eANV are fulfilled.

Bulk materials industry

  • Sand and gravel works
  • Quarries
  • Asphalt industry
  • Construction waste recycling/demolition
  • Container services

In the bulk materials industry, decentralised production plants are often found which determine the quantity using corresponding truck scales. Due to the often high volume of traffic, high availability of the software systems is absolutely essential here. emaxx is therefore equipped with intelligent data replication, which allows all data to be kept at the production site completely independently of the central administration site. This solution guarantees maximum fail-safety in the context of a real-time connection.

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What you benefit from:
  • Everything from a single source
    At OAS you get perfectly coordinated hardware and software components from a single source. In addition to emaxx, we also supply you with robust self-service terminals and truck scales in a wide range of sizes and also take care of installation and calibration for you.
  • Modular design for full flexibility
    The modular design of emaxx offers you freely combinable standard functions with maximum flexibility.
  • Customised process implementation
    Beyond the standard, we also offer you individual adaptations if required, so that the software adapts optimally to your processes and not vice versa.
  • Update and upgrade capability
    The architecture of emaxx enables you to carry out function upgrades at a later date without losing the existing function and data status.
  • Relief for your employees
    With the help of our self-service solutions, drivers can carry out many processes themselves, from registration and weighing to loading and documentation, without the need for staff.
  • Comprehensive customer support
    Our support team is there to help you if necessary, to ensure that everything runs smoothly. We also offer you convenient software maintenance contracts for regular updates as well as on-call contracts for maintenance and support.

Self-operated processes for labour-saving operation

emaxx is designed for the self-service handling of central processes by truck drivers. Our OAS Logistic Terminals allow you to handle your logistical processes efficiently and with a minimum of personnel:

  • Multilingual registration of truck drivers
  • Self-operated weighing and loading of vehicles
  • Issue of important transport and delivery documents
  • Assignment of suitable loading or unloading points
  • Automatic safety instructions

By using our self-service terminals, drivers of load carriers can choose their preferred language, weigh the bulk goods themselves and print out the required documents and freight papers. Suitable loading or unloading points are assigned directly to the driver via the self-service terminal. This can ensure smooth truck traffic on your premises.

Our logistics terminals offer an efficient solution for coordinating transports on your premises and have the potential to save time and money and avoid problems in the process.

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As part of our service package, we offer you a non-binding and comprehensive consultation on optimising the processes in your business with emaxx. Together with you, we discuss how we can support you with our hardware and software solutions and optimise your operations. Your individual requirements and wishes are our top priority.

Project planning

Based on your requirements, we develop a detailed concept for the implementation of the envisaged goals. In doing so, we examine your processes in detail and determine which components and steps are necessary to adapt emaxx individually to your operating procedures - and how this can be achieved so that your business can continue to operate as undisturbed as possible.

Programming and manufacturing

The next step is to programme and manufacture the hardware and software for your business in line with your requirements. Production is carried out in accordance with our high quality standards from a single source "Made in Germany". Before delivery, we carry out a factory acceptance test to ensure that all components have been manufactured to your satisfaction.

Installation and commissioning

After acceptance, our experts take over the installation and commissioning at your site. The implementation is carried out professionally and as smoothly as possible, so that your ongoing operation is hardly impaired if possible.

After Sales Services

After installation and commissioning, we will train your staff in the use of emaxx if required and are always available for questions and explanations. We also offer you convenient software maintenance contracts for regular updates as well as stand-by contracts for maintenance and support. If you wish, we will also be happy to advise you on other matters relating to your operation, such as truck scale management, risk minimisation and failover. Do not hesitate to contact us.

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