Silo module system to expand the storage capacity

Modular silo plant

as an extension of the silo capacity in dry material plants

Modular silo plant to expand your capacity

A silo system enables you to store and dose your bulk materials and raw materials efficiently. Whether as food silos or grain silos in the food industry or for processing sand, cement, gravel or even paints and varnishes in the bulk materials industry - our modular silo plants are the comprehensive solution for your operation.

Use of silo systems

A silo plant is used for the storage and dosing of bulk materials as well as for the expansion of existing storage and dosing capacities. Therefore, our silos are used in a wide range of industries, for example in the building materials and chemical industry, the food industry, the pharmaceutical industry, the paint and lacquer industry and in food production.  

Silo system from OAS

Tailored to the individual requirements of your company and your industry, we offer you the right silo system for storing and dosing your raw materials. Due to the modular design with round outer walls, installation is quick and uncomplicated and your existing production remains undisturbed. In the design of the modular silo system, we attach great importance to efficiency: the round silos from OAS converge towards the bottom in the shape of a funnel, which makes it easier for the bulk materials to flow out. With our modular silo systems, you can store and dose all your bulk materials - small, medium and large components - in a single system, easily connect the system to production and flexibly expand it as required.

Silo module plant to expand storage capacity
Silo module plant from OAS
Silo module plant with integrated medium component station
Silomodulanlage der OAS AG
Silomodulanlage der OAS AG

Expansion of your silo plant

Often the required number of raw materials increases and an increase of your silo and dosing capacities becomes necessary. In our modular silo system, all the components required for this, from dosing to compressed air generation, are compactly installed, so that self-sufficient operation is possible with the shortest conversion time. Only a receiving container is integrated into the existing plant. Depending on the design, height and side walls, your existing silo system can also be individually extended with our modules.

Due to the well thought-out concept, the silo system is also used for the construction of new row systems. If you are planning to build a production plant including a silo for bulk materials and raw materials in your company, you will remain flexible and prepared for all eventualities with our modular silo plant.

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Construction of the silo plant

The expandable silo plant is constructed in a honeycomb shape on an area of just 10 x 12 m. The construction height varies depending on the silo type. Depending on the silo volume, the construction height is between 18 m (50 m³ silo volume) and 30 m (90 m³ silo volume). The basic equipment includes three silo chambers with round side walls made of high-quality steel or stainless steel. A large silo with a double chamber forms the centre of the plant, around which up to eight additional daughter silos can be built in a circular shape. The plant's expansions provide a quick and uncomplicated solution to additional raw material requirements and an increase in dosing capacity.

The dosing units, the weighing system, the raw material conveying station, the air compressor, the control system and the stairway to the roof of the round silo are located within the basic module of the modular silo system. The material is conveyed to the mixing plant via a pressure transmitter or, alternatively, via a bucket elevator. The receiving container in the mixing plant can either be a new container with a filter or, if there is not enough space, it is conveyed directly into an existing scale. The OAS process control system pronto takes over the uncomplicated control for your silo plant and the entire production.

Small and medium component station that can be integrated

As an option, an integrated small and medium component station can be installed in the central mother silo. The patent-pending solution comprises up to 12 integrated small and medium component silos, which are filled via bagged goods and big bags. In addition to the large component scale, the mother silo also offers space for up to two further small and medium component scales,
which are designed for the required dosing accuracy. The required cycle time is maintained by means of a double batch offset. With this variant, all components can be fed into the mixing system via a single
pneumatic transmitter into the mixing unit. This saves time and energy.

Moderate investment

The modular concept of the silo module plant allows for a demand-oriented expansion stage. The minimised effort in terms of steel construction and cladding additionally reduces the costs compared to a conventional system design. This keeps the investment manageable and limited to your actual needs.

Your benefits at a glance
  • Low space requirement
  • Flexible choice of installation site
  • Short assembly time
  • Step-by-step expandable due to modular concept
  • Equipment of the module according to your wishes
  • Small and medium component station can be integrated
  • No slowing down of batch and cycle times of the mixing plant
  • Moderate investment

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