Modular silo plant

as an extension of the silo capacity in dry material plants

Increase your silo and dosing capacities

with modular silo plants by OAS

Often a greater number of required raw materials calls for an increase of silo and dosing capacities. Our modular silo plant includes all required components ranging from dosing up to generation of compressed air in a compact design and enables independent operation after a very short time of retrofitting. Only a receiving container is to be integrated into the existing plant.

The base module includes dosing units, weighing, the raw material conveyor station, the air compressor, the control system, as well as the staircase to the silo roof. Feeding into the mixing line takes place by means of a pressure transmitter or, as an alternative, via a bucket conveyor. The receiving container in the mixing line can either be a new container featuring a filter or in confined spaces feeding takes place directly into an existing set of scales.

With its sophisticated concept, the modular silo plant is also used to build new linear plants.

Silomodulanlage der OAS AG
Silomodulanlage der OAS AG
Silomodulanlage der OAS AG
Your benefits at a glance
  • free choice of the location within 100 m around the existing mixing plant

  • optimum extendibility: the basic equipment comprises of 3 silo chambers and can be expanded to maximum 10 silo chambers by adding silos; chamber capacity of 40m3 up to 120m3

  • fast batch cycle times adjust to the cycle time of the mixing plant

  • low investment costs

  • no great expenditure required to convert the existing mixing plant so as to connect the modular silo plant

  • little space required and many different layouts possible

  • short installation time and compact installation

  • simple foundations

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