Upgrade & Modernisation

of your truck scales

Professional extension and upgrading of truck scales

Benefit from our experiences gained with scales systems

Our OAS truck scales are subject to intense use every day of their lifetime and excel in a long lifetime despite this high impact. However, regular maintenance helps to ensure adequate lifetime, reliability, and accuracy of your scales.

Irrespective of the manufacturer or company in charge and the age of your scales, we will be glad to give you comprehensive advice regarding individual modernisation and upgrades of your scales solution.

This also applies to scales featuring a mechanical substructure with leverage.

Your all-around opportunities regarding the modernisation and upgrade of your truck scales:

  • advice and evaluation of existing truck scales
  • modernisation of existing substructures (e.g. by realising hybrid scales or by complete replacement with an electromechanical substructure)
  • modernisation of the weighing technology (analyse electronics, load cells, etc.)
  • modernisation of the scales software
  • installation of new weighbridges into existing foundation pits
  • implementation of self-service solutions for the driver (among other things by using logistic terminals)
  • linking of additional components to monitor the truck scales (e.g. camera systems) or for the traffic routing technology
  • reduction of the minimum truck scales load (incl. automatic change-over to partial values)
  • minor building measures required on site

We will be glad to give individual advice regarding the perfect equipment required to handle your business transactions.

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Your benefit from a modernisation of your truck scales

  • extended lifetime
  • increased reliability
  • reduced repair times
  • excellent provision of spare parts
  • reduced preparatory expenditure for calibration
  • more flexible operation and evaluation

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