The digital production control

pronto – the digital production control

Powerful. Reliable. Scalable.

In times of digital transformation, production control is the decisive discipline in the value chain of a manufacturing trade. It is much more than only about the automation of production lines.

Our manufacturing execution system (MES) pronto couples material management with production technology. Production orders as well as raw material batches – if applicable – are taken from the enterprise resource planning system (ERP) and supplemented with process components, such as machine parameters. pronto interlinks machines and production lines and combines a powerful process visualisation system for operation and monitoring (SCADA) with a system for controlling the process and production management level (MES). On the MES side, it focuses on the control and management of batch-oriented processes and is also optimised for weighing tasks.

By fulfilling all the requirements of the process and production management levels, pronto forms a homogeneous overall system not only for control, but especially for the complete documentation of the production process. All processes carried out in production are controlled by pronto. This applies to automated processes as well as to the operator guidance during manual operations. A comprehensive process documentation is ensured, of course also regarding the material management. This comprehensively provides for reverse batch tracing and tracking of incoming raw material batches.

Optimising performance, increasing quality, reducing costs, creating transparency, and guaranteeing process reliability – these are the most important targets digital production aims at. Industry 4.0 is the keyword here: on the way to becoming a Smart Factory, our production control system pronto is the perfect tool. OAS offers the capacities of a software company and many years of experience in material logistics and process engineering. With our practical experience, we are able to understand your processes and will be of assistance to you already when it is about defining the process sequences in your company.

Karl Krone
Authorised Officer Head of Plant Logistics and Process Control Systems

pronto as higher-level enterprise resource planning system

pronto can be used independently without any higher-level enterprise resource planning system. It grows with your tasks and is future-proof.

Scalable production management system

Our production management system can be scaled from a single-user PC up to more than 100 workstations for machines in the fields of:

  • production planning,
  • production management,
  • quality control,
  • laboratory,
  • warehouse, or 
  • maintenance and repair.

Your process consultant for digital challenges

OAS is not a mere supplier – we are a system partner to our customers. As a process consultant, we will be of your assistance with all our experience in the fields of bulk material handling, liquid media handling, and production control. From the materials management through the production control up to the automation and IT infrastructure, we will offer you complete solutions.

Grafische Darstellung der Fähigkeiten der Produktionssteuerung pronto der OAS AG

Our scope of performances

  • design of sensors and actuators
  • project engineering according to ATEX and SIL, risk analysis
  • MES consulting and preparation of performance specifications
  • delivery of the process control system pronto (MES, SCADA)
  • linking with the ERP system
  • PLC programming with performance standards
  • electrical engineering and switchboard construction
  • electrical installation
  • software maintenance contracts for regular updates
  • standby contracts for 24/7 on-call service with remote maintenance service

We see ourselves as the specialist in interfaces

If it is your challenge to effectively link the production of liquid media, bulk materials (dry material lines), and the corresponding production control software, we are the experienced partner for you. A multitude of enterprise resource planning systems, from SAP up to branch-specific solutions, communicate with pronto. There is almost no limit to the connection of automation devices, machine control systems, and subsystems. To meet the highest demands in regards of networking, standardization and cybersecurity pronto supports OPC UA (Open Platform Communications Unified Architecture) next to other interfaces.

Our customers trust in us

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Collection and filtering of large data volumes

Production control or manufacturing execution systems have to collect large data volumes, such as material management data, production parameters, laboratory values, energy consumption values, or data required for maintenance and repair.

Authorised operators need access to data at the points where the data are actually required. At the same time, the system prevents the operator from a confusing information explosion. Only relevant data are filtered, summarised, and displayed.

pronto supplies data to network machines and subsystems. Consistent documentation and transparency are major components of process reliability.

Optimised performance and increased quality

pronto is also a tool to record and quantify key performance indicators.
The KPIs are gained from a multitude of process data. A comparison with the target values allows determination of the potentials for improvement.

Changing the perspective at any time. pronto reproduces two performance models in a web-based portal:

  • production output and quality with OEE key performance indicators (OEE: Overall Equipment Effectiveness)
  • energy management with energy performance indicators (EnPI)

Flexibility in order preparation and production control

All key performance indicators are closely related to production and resource planning, be it

  • the production lines,
  • the machines,
  • the production orders,
  • the products, or
  • the raw materials.

In addition, efficiency calculation records the causes of downtimes.

Flexibility in order preparation and production control are among the merits of pronto and play an important role in digital production.


Since 2019, pronto has been used at GTF to entirely control the dry mortar production. The system optimisation has strongly contributed to our increased performance of plus 30 %. In the new production of synthetic resin mixtures, pronto controls among other things the automated dissolver processes and so leads to extension of the plant capacities.

Carsten Monsees
G. Theodor Freese GmbH

From rendering advice up to commissioning

Already at the beginning of our advisory service, we will take stock of your machines and production processes. Derive benefit from our experience gained in over 30 years how to optimise the business processes in many different industries! As we – for many industries – also deliver the plant construction and/or the process technology, our employees are really connected with practice and will understand the processes in your plant. Here are some typical questions, which we can answer in a competent manner:

  • How can manual processes be made more reliable? 
  • Which depth of automation makes sense?
  • How can the production process be simplified?
  • Is it possible to implement machine control systems which so far have been isolated applications, into the production control system?
  • How can output, quality, and flexibility be increased?

Modernisation of production control systems

Among other things, OAS is specialised in the modernisation of existing production control systems aiming at a reliable switch-over as fast as possible, which could take place in several sub-steps and include temporal decommissioning. Only in very few cases, plants have to undergo a complete modernisation. We will examine whether it is really necessary to replace electric installations, power sections, and individual machine control systems. In the simplest case, only the automation device (CPU or PLC) has to be modernised and existing machines will be implemented with our "smart clamp".


pronto is used in many industries
  •     agribusiness
  •     asphalt
  •     automotive
  •     building materials / construction chemicals
  •     bioenergy
  •     chemistry
  •     disposal & recycling
  •     paints & varnishes
  •     foundry
  •     power stations
  •     synthetic materials
  •     metallurgy
  •     foodstuff and luxury food
  •     paper / paperboard
  •     sand / gravel
  •     heavy industry
  •     cement / lime / plaster

Hardware and software from a single source

We develop (ECAD), build (switch cabinets), and programme (PLC) the automation technology.

PLC programming is based on a binding performance standard. This ensures proper assistance to everyone in need of after-sales service as well as short programming and commissioning times. pronto and the PLC functions work "hand in hand". The system automatically and accurately generates the PLC function calls and the pronto list of components with all variables.

Jointly going for a goal

Development and documentation of processes: we will never let alone our customers. Which processes can be adjusted reasonably? What should be retained? Derive benefit from our wealth of experience! OAS develops sound concepts how to convert a line during running production. We clarify the interfaces to the ERP system and machine suppliers for you. Even when the project is complete, we will help you with words and deeds and round the clock.



Kabel und Schaltungen der Prozessleitsystems pronto der OAS AG
Schaltschrank einer Produktionsanlage
Tanks einer von OAS AG entwickelten Produktionsanlage

Specifications of pronto:

  • ORACLE or MS-SQL database – it is your choice
  • interfaces to SAP and other enterprise resource planning systems
  • interfaces to S7 / Profinet and many other automation systems
  • installation in a virtualised environment possible


Subsystems for pronto:

  • barcode/QR-code reader
  • RFID / transponder
  • camera systems
  • mobile devices 

Upon request, we also deliver the entire IT infrastructure as well as IT software solutions, including virtualisation and database licenses.

We are here for you

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Thomas Daszenies

Authorised Officer Head of Industrial Systems Engineering

Phone +49 421 2206-0

Ronald Möhring

Authorised Officer Sales Plant Construction

Phone +49 421 2206-0

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