Switchgear engineering

from designing to commissioning

Switchgear engineering for state-of-the-art manufacturing

Control of complex production lines

The digital transformation and automation really push today's developments in the field of plant engineering. The control of complex lines requires switch cabinets of more and more individual design to be planned, assembled, and commissioned on site by companies proving the corresponding experience.

A switch cabinet is used in the industry to control complex production lines and machines so as to guide the different functions, processes, and sequences in machine production. There are many different variants regarding the performance of such lines. Consequently, each switch cabinet has to be adjusted to the individual requirements. OAS takes on this job for you – from designing to commissioning.

The simplest design of a switch cabinet provides a terminal strip to connect the different electronic components of a line – clear and easily comprehensible. But the ever increasing complexity of the production processes asks for more and more sophisticated systems to control them as well as for additional plug-type connections and visual output equipment. Depending on the line and the demands, these switch cabinets can be of considerable size. Manufacturing of the cabinets takes place according to a fixed and proven plan.

Where it is about solutions within the scope of professional switch cabinet construction – we are just the right partner for you! All switchgears leaving the premises of OAS have been subject to thorough examination. Moreover, they prove sound workmanship and are delivered with detailed documentation. To guarantee top quality, we use only components by renowned manufacturers.


Your benefits at a glance

  • switch cabinet planning with foresight
  • purchase & cooperation with
  • renowned manufacturers
  • programming with concept
  • sophisticated harness
  • switch cabinet construction at its finest
  • examination based on experience
  • delivery and commissioning
  • maintenance and after-sales service

Schaltanlagenbau von OAS

Switchgear installations ready for use & in-process inspection

The employees working in the OAS switchgear engineering department completely assemble switch and control cabinets according to the specifications by the design department and test them when they are ready for operation – this allows for modifications during order processing, which can be handled as fast as possible with your special project in mind. Furthermore, the own in-process inspection ensures that all requirements have been realised as ordered. OAS customers get the opportunity to inspect the completely tested switch and control cabinets within the scope of a factory approval. We always adhere to high quality standards as we also have customers in the automotive sector and we will be glad to manufacture special designs for you, e.g. a hygienic design.

Switch cabinet construction complying with the OAS factory standard or meeting your individual requirements – it is your choice!

Assembly and consistent documentation

Prior to delivery, the entire switchgear is subject to testing together with the PLC programme and, if applicable, the MES. This integration test ends with the FAT (Factory Acceptance Test) and ensures trouble-free commissioning to the greatest possible extent. Thus, design, programming, and switchgear construction go hand-in-hand and, consequently, technical changes can be implemented in the course of the project in a flexible manner.

Upon delivery of the switch cabinets, a site manager by OAS supervises the electrical installation and installation in general. Normally, the installation work is done by workforce of local companies. Here again, OAS offers services from a single source. When electrical installation is complete, any required test records are prepared before commissioning and stored with the documentation.

Schaltanlagenbau von OAS
Schaltanlagenbau von OAS

Qualified commissioning – the moment of truth

OAS employees carry out commissioning in a qualified way – starting with a sense of rotation and signal test, through the adjustment and calibration of measuring points, ending up with the cold performance test followed by a product run. In principle, the results are always recorded in corresponding logs and discussed and agreed with the customer. In this way, it is not only the high quality degree that we can guarantee, but also high the availability of the line.

So, we accompany the switchgear commissioning from the I/O check, to the function check, to the trial operation. And our employees use their experience to solve any problem immediately on site.

In this way we ensure that the switch cabinet and the entire line run properly.

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