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Our fleet of calibration vehicles offers a comprehensive service package

For more than 35 years, we have been among the leading vendors of instrumentation and control components and we consider ourselves as a pioneer in state-of-the-art weighing technology.

To us, as an owner-run global player, an optimum range of services to satisfy our customers at the best is indispensable and a matter of course.

In addition to extensive and innovative solutions in the fields of weighing technology, production control, and process technology, an adjustment and calibration service makes our range of services round.


Your benefits at a glance

  • certified and experienced partner with an optimum calibration service to offer
  • personal assistance and advice regarding the optimum calibration service
  • first calibration by the Office of Weights and Measures not required
  • calibration of your scales and provision of the calibration vehicle
  • we take in charge of official calibration and coordinate the appointments with the Office of Weights and Measures
  • know-how gained in many years how to handle different scales types
  • maximum flexibility thanks to individual payload alternatives
  • low provision costs thanks to lump-sum for travelling
  • saving of time thanks to short working time
  • calibration of OEM devices upon request

Professional coordination &

Trust in the specialist in weighing technology

The obligatory calibration of measuring instruments makes calibration of a set of scales upon its installation obligatory. The period of time until new calibration starts with the day when the scales are placed on the market or with the date of calibration of the scales and expires at the end of the year in which the period would expire by way of calculation.

In principle, the conformity assessment of a measuring instrument for the first time placed on the German market replaces the former first calibration. In place of the Office of Weights and Measures in charge, a national conformity assessment body selected by the manufacturer confirms in a certificate of conformity that the measuring instrument complies with the directions. In this way, the conformity assessment body assists the manufacturer in issuing a document with the obligatory declaration of conformity.

With approval of the quality management system, we are entitled to assess the conformity of scales manufactured and converted by us in accordance with the applicable regulations in the Standards and Measures Law and with the EU type-approval certificate granted to our company.

To acquit you of the having the calibration period in mind and organising the elaborate calibration with the Office of Weights and Measures, we will be glad to assist you and coordinate all processes starting with the adjustment of the scales and all the way through calibration and communication with the Office of Weights and Measures.

Precise calibration service by OAS with a mature system – we will take care of coordinating your appointments with the Office of Weights and Measures!

Calibration up to 60 tons

  • Our calibration vehicle is capable to calibrate truck scales of up to 60 t. Consequently, our fleet of calibration vehicles offers highest flexibility and maximum precision to you and the vehicles are individually equipped for varying circumstances on site.

Rapid calibration process

  • The stackable weights are especially shaped to provide for highest safety and to make our calibration service rapid and flexible. Thanks to our mature concept and the fork lifts belonging to the service, deployment of the customer's employees to carry out calibration is reduced to a minimum.

Mature system

  • Thanks to the compact construction of the calibration vehicles, the different scales types can be calibrated rapidly and precisely. The mature concept of stackable weights guarantees high operational and occupational safety along with a rapid and flexible calibration service. The time frame is tight and, therefore, the downtime of scales is short. This saves you time and costs.

Flexible and reliable

  • We will be pleased to assist you beyond the service of our fleet of calibration vehicles. Here, we take care of the whole organisation starting with the adjustment, through the calibration itself, ending up with the coordination with the Office of Weights and Measures. You may do without elaborate arrangements and time-consuming coordination of appointments! Feel free to contact us!

Optimum calibration of your scales

Highest precision and maximum flexibility
As a specialist around truck scales and weighing systems, we offer the proper loading vehicles and standard measurement weights for your calibrations and adjustments. We rely on quality: our employees permanently take part in training and examination. Whether it is about truck scales, conveyor belt scales, combined track scales, platform weighers, or hopper scales – we provide for smooth calibration of different types of scales.

For the calibration and examination of truck scales we rely on an especially designed fleet of calibration vehicles. Our sophisticated system requires only little deployment of the customer's employees to assist in calibration.


The compact construction of the calibration vehicles
makes rapid and precise examination of the scales possible. Our optimum service offered provides for rapid and flexible calibration. Our short action time with our calibration vehicles saves you precious time.

Our calibration vehicles provide own fork lifts and allow for rapid and safe handling, even under the most difficult conditions. The system especially designed by us allows to load measurement standards of 1 t onto a small surface area.

Eichung von Waagen durch OAS Eichservice
Eichung von Waagen durch OAS Eichservice
Eichung von Waagen durch OAS Eichservice

We see ourselves as the central contact if it is about calibration of your truck scales. We coordinate all work and appointments with our customers, the Offices of Weights and Measures, the department for scheduling of calibration vehicles, and our technicians – all from a single source.

Christoph David Lünzmann
Head of Weighing Technology, OAS AG

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