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Accessories and peripheral devices for your measuring instruments

The matching extra for your truck scales

In addition to our robust and durable truck scales, we also offer adequate peripheral equipment. This includes state-of-the-art accessories and a scales management software. Accessories for truck scales include the weighing terminals, which can be connected to computer systems. Our logistic terminals excel in their modular structure and allow for self-service by the driver. Moreover, we offer the option of additional remote displays for your scales. Thanks to their automatic brightness control, they are perfect for day and night operation. Therefore, they are used outdoor for the calibratable weight display as well as in calling systems.

Furthermore, our supplementing components allow a remote scales operation directly on your commercially available mobile phone or on hand-held radio transmitters. By means of video recording, video data of the weighing transaction can be stored and at the same time you may carry out live monitoring of the truck scales. Beyond this, we also offer state-of-the-art transponder technology, traffic light and barrier systems, network cameras, as well as position checks – trust in OAS traffic routing technology to complete your scales.

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Fernanzeige Typ wcon-F3

Remote display wcon-F3

The remote display wcon-F3 is especially designed for an outdoor use and installation next to truck scales. Extra-bright LEDs for use in daylight featuring automatic brightness control ensure optimum readability – both, by night and in direct sunlight.

The special wave length of the light provides for a high-contrast display even under unfavourable weather conditions, such as fog and rain.

The graphic display shows alphanumeric characters as well as graphics or special characters. This ensures clear operator guidance. The remote display Wcon-F3 features a galvanised, powder-coated IP65 housing. The front panel is made of UV-resistant acrylic glass. Your benefit of our wcon-F3:

  • graphical display of 100 mm in height
  • extra-bright LEDs for use in daylight
  • automatic brightness control for day and night operation
  • extra-large reading angle of >140°
  • calibratable weight display

Remote display wcon-F6

The remote display Wcon-F6 is especially designed

to call vehicles within the scope of yard management and control of incoming lorries on site.

It is used where it is about efficient coordination of many lorries on the premises and features the following:

  • each line: graphical display of 100 mm in height
  • models with 2, 3, or 4 lines on offer
  • automatic brightness control for day and night operation
  • extra-large reading angle of >140°
  • perfect for calling systems
Fernanzeige Typ wcon-F6
Videoaufzeichnung ÜWA

Network camera

A network camera can be used to

take a picture at the very moment of weighing, store it,

and allocate it to the weighing transaction. This allows, e.g. to check securing of cargo. Our network camera excels in:

  • weather-resistant housing for outdoor use featuring a ball-and-socket holder
  • live pictures and administration via web browser (no time-consuming installation of software)
  • individually selectable objectives – depending on the circumstances on site
  • camera models with either one or two lens(es)

Detection of registration numbers

Our detection of registration numbers allows to

automatically control approaches to the company premises.

This provides for efficient visualisation of routine processes and new registrations. Our detection of registration numbers designed for automatic detection of 2 car registration numbers (front and back) features the following:

  • detection of the car registration number at the front and the back
  • detection of different nationalities of registration numbers
  • good detection performance
  • day and night use
Kamera zur Kennzeichenerkennung
Ampelanlage von OAS

Traffic light system

The traffic light system

gives signal to the driver before s/he accesses the truck scales, that the empty limit value is undershot and

after weighing that s/he may drive off the scales.

As an alternative, the traffic light systems can be used to effectively control site traffic within the scope of the control of incoming lorries.

Barrier systems

Our barrier solutions serve the securing of works boundaries by means of permits for vehicles to access the truck scales and the control of traffic. Our barrier systems excel in:

  • metal housing without loss of value
  • corrosion-proof base frame
  • several configurations
Schrankensystem von OAS
Positionskontrolle von OAS

Position check

The position check 

is carried out with light barriers or ultrasonic systems.

They prohibit weighing if e.g. the vehicle is not positioned properly and completely on the scales, and thus provide for secure weighing transactions.

They are rotatable to be aligned as required in a flexible and variable manner. You are on the safe side with a position check by OAS!

Transponder systems

Our transponder systems based on radio frequency technology provide for a

reliable identification of data carriers

at a distance of up to 10 metres, even at high speeds. Therefore, this is the perfect peripheral device to complete your truck scales.

Transpondersystem auf RF-Hochfrequenztechnologie
 Selbstbedienterminal eingesetzt in der Yard Automation

Self-service terminals

Our versatile self-service terminals complete the yard automation portfolio. They can be used in many ways for self-service weighing by the driver. Moreover, they allow for automation of operational procedures in yard management and considerably reduce the workload of your personnel. The Logistic Terminals of rugged design are intended for daily use on industrial yards.

More detailed information about our logistic terminal solution or feel free to contact us.

Software solutions for your truck scales

Our smart software wcon-Desktop in connection with your truck scales assists you in the course of work. It serves the fast and comfortable operation as well as the automation of your truck scales. Use this desktop application  to weigh vehicles, control your business processes, and analyse data quickly and flexibly.

Get a general idea of our software solutions for your scales management, which can be individually adjusted to your business processes and to the industry your are working in.

Funkfernbedienung für die Fahrzeugwaage

Remote RF control / remote scales control

By remote control, one can operate the truck scales from the driver's cab.

The ID code transmitted by the remote control automatically informs the scales system whether it is about first or second weighing.

Status messages, weight values, or number of sort/field are displayed in uppercase, e.g. on the remote display wcon-F3.

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