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Origins of OAS AG

From a small engineering firm to a global innovator

Today, OAS AG is one of the leading vendors of industrial line and weighing technology. Over almost 40 years on the market, the formerly small engineering firm has developed to a globally acting company – located at several points in Germany and cooperating globally in sales and distribution.

Today, about 260 employees at the locations in Bremen, Berlin, Bochum, and Augsburg develop efficient solutions in the fields of plant engineeringproduction controlweighing technologyyard management, and IT solutions. And the still owner-operated company dates back to 1982.

The Bremen motto of merchants "Wa(a)gen un Winnen" (venturing in weighing and winning) runs all the way through the company history. 

Thorough understanding of processes

Purposeful & solution-oriented

That is what OAS AG stands for with its well-established business segments. In cooperation with our customers, we develop custom-fit concepts for the most different industry segments and companies – for small and medium-sized companies up to industrial groups. 

From a pioneer in weighing technology the owner-operated company has developed into a leading supplier of industrial weighing and line technology and, meanwhile, offers a wider range of solutions.

Thorough understanding of processes

Individual solutions tailored to the customer's demand are our credo. Our comprehensive portfolio covers:

A wide range of products in the fields of weighing technology, industrial truck scales featuring appropriate peripheral devices, and scales software

Planning and realisation of entire production lines for bulk materials and liquid media

Modernisation and extension of production lines

Proven solutions and products in the field of plant engineering

Delivery of control and instrumentation components up to the process control software

Complex solutions for yard automation and control of incoming lorries

IT infrastructureIT services, and cloud solutions through in-house developedOAS software solutions up to commercial solutions – our individual IT solutions offer all this with.

The weighing technology as our original core area

Together with our customers, we develop efficient solutions in all fields of process automation and control. This particularly applies to our original core area: the weighing technology. The weighing technology is a quality-relevant key technology in recipe-guided production. Moreover, the range of products offered by OAS AG includes calibratable truck scalesThey are implemented in comprehensive solutions and combined with our innovative scales software to be used in a multitude of industries. 

Efficient interplay of plant engineering and production control

Maximum flexibility, high reliability of sequences, and increasing quality demands for products require an efficient interplay of the production line and its process flows. We have specialised in the interplay of machine and plant engineering as well as of materials-handling technology and production control for bulk materials and liquid media.  A new building or a carefully thought out expansion or modernisation – OAS is the specialist for individual and expandable lines. 

Efficient yard automation for logistic processes

Control of incoming lorries, Logistic Terminals, as well as the yard management software logis make the range of performances round. In our yard management, we optimise the plant-logistic processes to dispatch transports by lorry in cooperation with our customers. This takes place with a standardised control of incoming lorries individually adjusted by us to the demands of each customer. Whether it is about automating and designing of subprocesses to become more efficient or about implementing of entire plant-logistic processes: we offer individual and comprehensive solutions to detect and optimise all flows of goods by road, rail, and even by sea.

Custom-fit and future-oriented IT solutions and IT services

To the purpose that you may work efficiently every day, we design in addition custom-fit and future-oriented IT solutions for medium-sized companies. We deliver complete hardware and software solutions including all services required. With the expertise of our experienced colleagues, we will convince you: during consulting and with our continuous support – all this locally on your premises.



wa(a)gen un winnen (a Bremen motto of merchants meaning "venturing in weighing and winning")

The roots of OAS AG are in Bremen/Germany; however, the company has established as an innovator all over the world. In the Hansestadt Bremen and in the branch offices in AugsburgBerlin, and Bochum, since 1989 about 240 employees have developed efficient solutions across business segments, which have been interlinked in the meantime. 

Pioneers in industrial weighing technology

The history of OAS AG dates back to 1982 when Otto A. Schwimmbeck founded the company as a small engineering firm. Right from the beginning, the expanding company excelled in its enormous innovative capacity. This could be seen to emerge already in 1985 when the company founder Schwimmbeck developed within the scope of a research project the first calibratable computer worldwide. This milestone made OAS AG the pioneer in weighing and dosing technology and, to date, has shaped all business segments of the company. In 1989 finally, the calibratable computer got the approval. Another important event in 1989: The company moved to the technology park in Bremen – a centre of science and innovation within spitting distance to the University of Bremen.

In 1991, the company group won the innovation contest "Erfolgskonzepte" (success concepts) by the Bremen Landesbank. In 1994, OAS AG took this success up and got the pan-European approval for electric scales. In 2000, the company founder was awarded the distinction Bremen entrepreneur 2000. In 2004, the company changed into a public limited company not listed on the stock exchange. Today, OAS AG succeeds all over the world and maintains distribution cooperation in Russia or China.

The maxim is growing soundly

2006, the regiodata GmbH, a flexible medium-sized provider of IT services for hardware and software solutions in Northern Germany, became part of the company. In 2010, the company expanded the successful business segment for automation of conveyor systems by founding the OAS Automation GmbH. From that time on, the OAS Automation GmbH has developed process automation systems for the production lines of globally acting companies. Here, the determined development of solutions for the automotive sector is firmly in focus.

Another milestone in the company history: the award by the foundation Peter Neelmeyer Stiftung for the development of a worldwide leading software for weighing and measuring technology – awarded to Karl Krone in 2011. In the following year, the headquarters in the Bremen technology park were completed – this gave additional room to the employees of OAS AG and to further development of the company. The same applies to the new office building in Anne-Conway-Straße finished in 2014. In 2015, the company further developed its international sales activities.

The years 2016 and 2017 were all about company growth, as well. In 2016, OAS AG acquired the majority of the Institut für angewandte Systemtechnik (ATB) – an institute for applied system technology – and in 2017, OAS AG acquired the Höllerer + Bayer GmbH. Moreover, in 2018 the company division for weighing technology moved into an adjacent building to expand the space for creativity for its growing and powerful team. The expansion plan for the division yard management/yard automation in 2019 is the reaction to the flow of goods in the control of incoming lorries and in dispatch automation becoming more and more complex and supports the position as a key company with expertise in this segment across industrial sectors.

Growing soundly is a maxim, we want to abide by in future. Doing so, we would like to be an innovative partner to our customers in solving their problems – from the planning, through implementing of complex problem solutions, ending up with our after-sales service.


Foundation of the company in the form of a small engineering firm of one person in Achim – on the outskirts of Bremen


Development of the first calibratable computer in the world – a revolution of the whole conventional weighing technology


Approval of the first calibratable computer at PTB in Braunschweig/Germany


First place of the innovation contest "Erfolgskonzepte" (success concepts) by the Bremen Landesbank, which grants the distinction "prototype of an innovative, technology-oriented, and successful medium-sized company"


First pan-European approval for electronic scales by PTB in Braunschweig/Germany


For his support of the study course in electronics, Otto A. Schwimmbeck is granted the title of a honorary senator of the City University of Applied Science in Bremen


The company founder is awarded the distinction “Bremen entrepreneur 2000”


Conversion into a public limited company not listed on the stock exchange


Incorporation of the IT system house regiodata GmbH


Foundation of the OAS Automation GmbH with the automotive sector in focus


Award by the foundation Peter Neelmeyer Stiftung for the development of a worldwide leading software for weighing and measuring technology (awarded to Karl Krone)


Occupation of the new headquarters in Caroline-Herschel-Straße in the Bremen technology park


Completion of the office building in Anne-Conway-Straße


Expansion of international sales activities


Acquisition of the majority of the Institut für angewandte Systemtechnik (ATB), an institute for applied system technology


Acquisition of the software and system house Höllerer + Bayer GmbH


Integration of the regiodata as a department of IT Solutions


40th company anniversary


Company founder Otto A. Schwimmbeck dies at the age of 78


Kerstin Schwimmbeck appointed CEO

Foundation of the company in the form of a small engineering firm of one person in Achim – on the outskirts of Bremen

Our references


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OAS worldwide – your global partner

Adhering to the motto "think globally – act locally", OAS AG has developed from a small engineering firm in 1982 to a now globally acting company with enormous innovative capacity. Thanks to a continuous growth, we managed to establish OAS AG in the world market and deliver individual solutions to customers all over the world.


OAS AG lives up to its commitment for society

Family-run to date and still characterised by the values of its founder Otto A. Schwimmbeck: this is what OAS AG is known for. And each employee makes an essential contribution to the company success – all themed: "common responsibility, common success." To ensure continuing sound growth, we attach great importance to act in a responsible and lawful manner. In doing so, we not only consider our immediate environment, but also pay attention to the observance of human rights and sustainability in our cooperation with our business partners.

Our corporate policy

As a globally-acting company, OAS AG adheres to the following guidelines:

In partnership

In partnership

A relation based on partnership builds the foundation for confidence, loyalty, and success. To us, these values are important not only for internal cooperation, but also for the cooperation with other companies. Confidential and lasting business relations only can be built on trustworthiness, honesty, and reliability. This is the reason why OAS AG supports:

understandable and evident action

realistic promises, which will be kept

respectful and helpful contact

Our motto here is: strengthening the team to realise the project.


"The customer determines how we act – inwards and outwards!" – this is the motto of our employees. This takes for granted that we

know the needs of our customers

and develop the corresponding custom-fit solutions. Moreover, OAS stands up for a

binding and uncomplicated behaviour.

Companies always have to come up to the expectations of diverse stakeholders. Therefore, OAS AG broadens its horizon and not only gets involved with the own business environment.


A common target tracking is the basis for the company success of OAS AG. Here,

our objective is always clear and realistic.

This not only applies to the project handling for our customers, but also to our own objectives.


Behaviour in business

Complying with the applicable national and transnational laws and regulations – this is a matter of course for OAS AG. Beyond this, we campaign for:

transparent business relations

anti corruption

fair behaviour on the market

cooperation with suppliers who are aware of their human rights and environmental responsibility

dealing appropriately with public authorities and third parties

the protection of personal data, details, and intellectual property

Our commitment also reflects our regional roots. Therefore, the company supports diverse projects in different scientific fields to strengthen the region and society.


Being strong together: getting along together

It is beyond all question that in a family-run company, the way how to get along together is extremely important. This is the reason why respect and protection of human rights are a mater of course for us – both here at our company and globally regarding our suppliers. This especially applies to forced labour and child labour. Particularly,

fair compensation and working hours as well as

the preservation of diversity and equal opportunities

play a decisive role at OAS AG. After all, our employees are the most valuable capital for our company to succeed. Therefore, confidence, esteem, and open communication determine the responsible-minded management style.


Environment, quality, health, and safety

However, our responsible action not only aims at our employees. For our decisions, we also take into account the effects on our customers, the public, and the environment. Of particular importance to OAS AG are:

conscientious handling of resources

complying with our quality requirements

health and safety promotion

the protection of human rights and impacts on the public

raising awareness of how to deal with cybersecurity

For more information on our policy and the commitment of OAS AG, please refer to our Code of Conduct.

Continuous improvement

For us, continuous improvement of processes is an essential prerequisite for achieving our goals. In this context, continuous process improvement in our company has a particularly high priority for us. Potential for improvement reported by employees or externally is followed up in a targeted manner.



Supervisory Board of OAS AG

Dr. Patrick Wendisch


Acting Partner of the

Lampe & Schwartze KG, Bremen

OAS Management

Kerstin Schwimmbeck

Board Member for IT and Organization

Christian Kaiser

Board Member for Finance and Controlling

Thomas Daszenies

Authorised Officer Head of Industrial Systems Engineering

Sönke Kramer

Authorised Officer Head of Sales

[Translate to English:] Christian Teschner OAS AG

Christian Teschner

Head of Software Engineering Process Control Systems

OAS Management

Kerstin Schwimmbeck

Board Member for IT and Organization

Uwe Heidbreder

Board Member for Sales and Marketing

Christian Kaiser

Board Member for Finance and Controlling

[Translate to English:] Torben Blanken OAS AG

Torben Blanken

Head of Software Engineering Yard Management

Thomas Daszenies

Authorised Officer Head of Industrial Systems Engineering

Ulrich Höcker

Authorised Officer Head of Sales International

Sönke Kramer

Authorised Officer Head of Sales

Hans-Georg Melle

Authorised Officer Head of Weighing Technology

[Translate to English:] Christian Teschner OAS AG

Christian Teschner

Head of Software Engineering Process Control Systems

Uwe Heidbreder

Board Member for Sales and Marketing

[Translate to English:] Torben Blanken OAS AG

Torben Blanken

Head of Software Engineering Yard Management

Ulrich Höcker

Authorised Officer Head of Sales International

Hans-Georg Melle

Authorised Officer Head of Weighing Technology

Your contact to OAS AG

Are you interested in more information about OAS AG? Do you want to ask for a quotation? Do you have questions about one of our business segments? Or do you need support on your hardware, software, or infrastructure? Please do not hesitate to contact us. We will be pleased to help you!