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New production processes as well as more flexible production lines lead to ever increasing requirements for automation systems and, consequently, for the corresponding software. In times of digital transformation, always keep track of the complex processes running on your process-controlled lines. Our manufacturing execution system reliably controls both, manual and automated process steps, and provides for consistent and transparent material management in production.

As a system integrator and partner, OAS with its manufacturing execution system delivers consistent solutions, which ensure that data flows smoothly. Learn more about the production control system by OAS and our process automation technology.

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Your benefit from the use of our production control
  • increased productivity
  • improved feasibility / increased planning flexibility
  • minimised rejects
  • quality assurance
  • increased productivity leading to saving of time
  • traceability and documentation
  • reliable sequence of processes
  • integration of production into the enterprise resource planning
  • flexibility through many languages offered

Process control system and manufacturing execution system pronto

Our process control technology is based on our software solution pronto, a Microsoft Windows-based solution with connection to an SQL database by Microsoft® or Oracle®. It is up to you to decide whether to provide the new or existing PC-server-infrastructure required or to select from the range of products offered by OAS AG. Our process control system pronto is designed to control the process and production control level (MES – Manufacturing Execution System). It also serves as a high-performance process visualisation system for operating and supervising (SCADA – Supervisory Control and Acquisition).

Full traceability of the product throughout the entire production process

Moreover, pronto excels in its scalability. It can be adjusted in a flexible manner to the individual requirements of your production and covers all process requirements across industrial sectors. The system allows for a flexible control and logging of complex batch processes. Furthermore, pronto is perfectly suitable for weighing jobs. As production and recipe data of each batch produced are stored, it ensures traceability of the product over the entire production process. Whether it is about documenting of material flows or monitoring of sequences, pronto provides for consistent transparency.

From the control level down to production control, the jobs are merged into a homogeneous overall system. Here, the modules recipe management and control, process visualisation, dosing report, warning and detection system, and quality control interlock as gears do.

In this way, the components represent all proceedings in production up to the material management.

  • By means of a separate OEE module, the company management is able to see the key figures for efficiency and quality.
  • They are visualised in a web portal to be accessed via the browser ("Management Cockpit").
  • This web portal is stored on a web server made available by pronto, which allows access to different data (e.g. OEE, data registration profiles, order & batch logs, energy management). It can be accessed directly via the browser without any installation expenditure.
  • Planning modules deliver a forecast of your production process taking into account the material movement as well as the cleaning/set-up/production processes and, consequently, any shortage in material or delivery bottleneck can be detected and prevented.

  • Integral parts of pronto in addition to

    • recipe management,
    • order management, and
    • consequent continuation of material management in the entire production process, also are
    • high-performance and flexible batch control as well as
    • comprehensive logging (tracking & tracing).

    A stock management module provides functions for order picking, posting, or stocktaking. You compile the corresponding tasks in pronto and they are processed individually using mobile scanners. Here again you can dispose of the data logs and reporting features to keep track of all processes.

  • It is no problem to integrate laboratory workplaces into your production process. In this way, you ensure already during production that your product meets the quality assurance requirements and specifications, and, if required, you can take corrective actions while the process is running. All test values are recorded in the batch log.

  • Also a vertical implementation of machine control systems and manual operations is possible without difficulty. Here, it is also possible to integrate control systems of machines without PLC (Programmable Logic Controller). Interfaces and modules for plant logistics, e.g. for the receipt of goods, the despatch control, the control of incoming lorries complete the system.

  • Get process transparency during production through the plant visualisation and the collection of operational and machine data. The analysis of key performance indicators (OEE) as well as the energy management (EnPI) with its reporting functions deliver transparency to the management board. These key performance indicators bear direct reference to the production process.

    With the planning modules, you will get an overview already prior to production, which resources will be used when and how your production process will run.

  • Using the running times and switching cycles of a machine as a basis, pronto is able to recommend preventive maintenance. Thus, the software can be used to effectively prevent downtimes due to machine failure. The corresponding maintenance orders are generated and documented.

Highest-possible system scalability provides for investment security. This applies to all, from the single-station system up to the highly available server application with more than 100 workstations.

pronto is a system which adapts to your business development and which allows for growing with the tasks:

  • from the smallest line up to a complex production site
  • from a mere work instruction up to fully-automatic production

Your ERP system can be implemented during commissioning into service or retrofit later. Thanks to the modular structure of pronto, you may even change your ERP system.

The concept and the structure of pronto ensure its updateability and you may change to a current version at any time to benefit from new developments.

Of course, we also offer 24/7 support agreements. Feel free to contact us!

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