Das Schwein richtig verpackt

Proper pig packing

Production control for the Tönnies Group

With pronto, production has become transparent, flexible, and projectable. At 35 production lines, we pack different meat products, which pronto automatically palletises for each customer. All products are traceable. Here, pronto communicates in a network with machines and the ERP system.

Thomas Rehsöft 
Tönnies Group


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The Tönnies Group of companies is a family-run multistage company with head office in Rheda-Wiedenbrück in East Westphalia/Germany. The Tönnies Group represents highest quality standards and aims at sustaining the position of an innovative leader time and again.

Problem definition

When we in summer have a barbecue and enjoy a grilled steak, this steak often has passed already a long way of processing from the producer to the vendor. To meet the requirement that the customer always gets top quality, it is essential to keep track of the goods and processes already in production. More than ever if you are, like the Tönnies Group, one of the largest meat processing plants in Germany with a yearly turnover of 6.65 billion Euros. This is the reason why OAS AG was entrusted with the installation of a new manufacturing execution system (MES) for the packing process of self-service meat products.


A total of 35 packing lines were equipped and connected. The manufacturing execution system (MES) developed by OAS and called pronto receives production orders from the enterprise resource planning system and distributes them into individual packing orders. pronto has been completely integrated into the existing IT infrastructure and coordinates 13 different interfaces to subsystems, such as label printers, data matrix encoders, camera systems, pricing systems, check-weighing systems, and programmable logic controllers – a total of nearly 150 field devices. Furthermore, the document management system and two stock management systems have been connected via diverse interfaces. pronto is not only connected to the ERP system, it also delivers all operating and machine data to the standard business information tool used at Tönnies, which uses the data to retrieve robust reports. pronto is available on a total of 50 operator stations and more.

This implementation solution has lead to lasting streamlining of the packing process and packing faults can be prevented now while the internal goods logistics has been improved considerably.

The customer's benefits

  • highest transparency and exact reproducibility of the entire packing process
  • simple traceability from the raw product to the delivered product
  • consistent monitoring of the production process reached by automatic detection of relevant key figures
  • complete implementation into the existing IT infrastructure
  • clearly improved internal goods logistics

Project details






100.000 boxes or approx. 1.500 pallets/day







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