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MES pronto implementation for DAW SE


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DAW SE, headquartered in Ober-Ramstadt in southern Hesse, has been developing, producing and selling innovative coating systems for buildings and building protection for more than 125 years. Founded in 1895 and family-run for five generations, DAW is now the largest private company in the industry in Europe. Around 6,000 employees worldwide make DAW the preferred partner for healthy, well-designed, efficient and ecological building envelopes and interiors.

DAW combines several core brands such as Alpina and Caparol: The best-known paint brand in Germany is Alpina with tailor-made products for private customers, in particular white and coloured interior and façade paints, a creative range as well as varnishes and glazes. Alpina white has been Europe's best-selling interior paint for decades. The product range of the professional brand Caparol extends from high-quality paints, plasters, varnishes and glazes to energy-saving external thermal insulation composite systems (ETICS), acoustic systems, decorative interior wall coatings and products for the preservation of historic buildings.

With pronto, we now have a future-proof MES system with standardised data management and full transparency in our production processes. Thanks to the agile project management of OAS AG, the project could be realised within the ambitious project plan.

Katharina Fasser
Project Manager Production DAW SE


In recent years, DAW SE's automation technology and production technologies have been continuously expanded. As a result, various individual solutions have emerged with regard to the communication interfaces from the ERP system down to production. While some production systems were connected directly to the ERP system, others were supplied with data via an intermediate level. Due to the historical growth, the production process and consumption data recording were not consistently mapped and were partly paper-based. This led to non-transparent data collection and information distribution for both the production processes and those of the other company units.


In order to harmonise data management in production, OAS implemented the introduction of the MES (Manufacturing Executive Systems) pronto at the Ober-Ramstadt site as a project partner. pronto acts as a uniform MES level in the automation pyramid and is the central data collection point for all production facilities. Even if these are not physically connected to pronto. Via an integrative interface to the higher-level ERP system, pronto also handles the entire order management of production and filling orders. At the individual workstations, the work steps for the orders are displayed on operator terminals and the production process is fully documented, including the recording of malfunctions. This ensures information-controlled process management for the processing of digitised production orders. All processes, from material preparation and production to the filling of individual containers, are mapped in pronto. In order to optimise the recording of information, only the information actually required for the work step is provided at the respective workstation for each process.

Order management and production data acquisition were realised both for the production plants and areas directly connected to the system and for external plants. The exchange of information with the external systems was realised via an interface tailored to the production process. This means that orders can be communicated to the systems in a standardised manner and production times and consumption, including rejects, can be recorded seamlessly. For manual filling, data is recorded via a mobile pronto application - the so-called "pronto Fill App". This ensures that automated and manual material consumption and production quantities are uniformly reported back to the higher-level ERP system via pronto.

The SCADA system, which is also included in pronto, enables materials management to be combined with process control technology. The order and master data and the process parameters can be displayed and edited centrally in the control centre.

Benefits for the customer

  • Standardised and clear communication from ERP to production and back
  • Transparency in production: seamless documentation of the production process and standardised recording of operating data
  • The basis for improvements: Consistent reporting of all recorded production data
  • Paperless production thanks to consistent digital process management
  • Accurate and standardised recording of raw material consumption data
  • Scalable system: pronto can be expanded to include additional workstations and production areas at the customer's own initiative

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