Mobile big bag loading station

for a flexible filling of big bags

Mobile big bag loading station

Versatile use for different filling locations

The mobile big-bag filling station enables flexible big-bag filling, for example at a truck loading station with telescopic loader. Bulk materials can thus be filled into the bags without having to convert your mixer and, above all, without downtimes. Thanks to the mobility of the system, the filling system can be used at different filling locations to enable big bag filling there. This flexible design is an ideal solution for many businesses. The energy supply and the interface to the overall system are realised via practical plug connections. Thanks to the adjustable components and flexible suspensions for the loops, the machine can fill and weigh big bags of different sizes. Filling is completely dust-free thanks to the inflatable seal.

In addition to a filling station, do you also need the right solution for emptying bulk material? Our OAS big bag emptying stations adapt exactly to your needs thanks to their modular design.

Big bag filling station for filling, weighing & dosing

Our big bag filling station is suitable for big bags with dimensions from 900 x 900 x 1,150 mm to 1,100 x 1,100 x 1,800 mm. The filling weight of the bags is recorded via a floor scale built into the base frame with a weighing range of up to 2,500 kg. The base frame with loops can be adjusted in height and thus adapted to the individual dimensions of the big bag sacks.

The station can accommodate big-bag pallets with a standard size of 1,200 x 1,200 mm and has forklift pockets in the transverse and longitudinal directions. Flexible relocation of the machine by forklift is thus possible at any time. The four steerable fixed castors are also designed to prevent tipping. The system is connected to the big bag via a pneumatically operated inflatable sleeve. This ensures optimum sealing and dust-free filling.

The integrated scale allows calibrated weight measurement as well as precise mixing and dosing. Thanks to a simple digital interface to the loading control, the big bag filling can be controlled fully automatically.
Should it ever become necessary to regularly fill larger quantities of bulk materials, we would be happy to work out a solution for you to integrate a stationary version of the big bag filling station into your existing system. Just get in touch with us.

Big bag emptying station

In addition to filling systems, we also offer you the right solution for emptying big bags: our modular big bag emptying station adapts flexibly to your system. Learn more.


Your benefits at a glance
  • The mobile loading station can be used for filling at several locations.
  • The adjustable base frame together with the integrated floor scales can be used to weigh big bags of different sizes.
  • Fork lift receptacles ensure safe transportation and steerable fixed rollers provide for a safety mechanism against tilting.
  • Option of fully-automated filling provided.
Mobile Big Bag-Verladestation der OAS AG
Mobile Big Bag-Verladestation der OAS AG
Mobile Big Bag-Verladestation der OAS AG

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