Above-ground & flush-mounted truck scales

for industrial use or in harsh environments

Flush-mounted and above-ground truck scales

Suitable for industrial or harsh environments

Our classical flush-mounted scales made of wear-resistant concrete are suitable for an industrial use. We manufacture the individual scales components of the calibratable weighbridge for you, even in special lengths. Our calibratable above-ground truck scales are perfect for weighing in harsh environments. This type of OAS scales excels in its many possible uses and is suitable for construction sites, gravel quarries or bulk material plants, as well as agricultural establishments.

High-quality concrete featuring high resistance

All OAS truck scales are manufactured in plants for precast concrete units in Germany and meet strict requirements. They comply with the rules and regulations issued by the PTB (the German national metrology institute providing scientific and technical services) as well as the recommendations by the International Organization of Legal Metrology OIML. The admissible load complies with DIN 8119. The high-quality concrete used provides for high resistance to mechanical abrasion and to freeze-thaw-cycles. The installation of the concrete units takes only a few hours. Together with the maintenance-free, electromechanical substructure, the complete solution is a cost-effective concept featuring low construction costs, short construction time, and minimised maintenance costs.

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Truck scales / car scales / scales for passenger cars for the industrial use

There are many terms and use cases – you need the appropriate type of truck scales for your use case. Our calibratable flush-mounted scale is perfect for the use as scales for passenger cars or lorries in an industrial environment. The weighbridge is composed of a flat foundation and a bridge, both made of prefabricated parts and each manufactured and delivered as one piece. Thanks to a reinforced bottom of the foundation, you can do without labour-consuming and expensive strip foundations. Only a subbase has to be installed in the area of the load cells.

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Specifications flush-mounted scales

  • weighbridges of 8, 9, 10, 16, 18 and 20 x 3m acc. to DIN 8119 and the European standard EN 45501 (special lengths of more than 20 m are possible as well)
  • weighing range up to 60,000 kg (or more with our heavy-load truck scales)
  • steel-concrete weighbridge made of prefabricated parts featuring inspection openings
  • steel-concrete foundation made of prefabricated parts
  • wear-resistant and antiskid travel surface made of chipping concrete
  • resistant to frost and de-icing salt
  • maintenance-free electromechanical substructure
  • future-proof – the structure can be displaced
  • protected installation of measurement technology
  • integrated lightning protection due to equipotential bonding and surge protector
  • readily accessible truck scales pit
  • extremely short time of construction

Additional options for flush-mounted scales

  • Upturns made of concrete at both longitudinal sides of the weighbridge to position the vehicle correctly on the scales are an optional feature.

    This reduces the effective width of roadway to 2.69 m. They help to reliably guide the vehicle to the centre of the scales.

  • The side walls at both long sides of the scales are raised up to the level of the bridge upturns.

    This is continued at the front ends to prevent longitudinal forces onto the bridge should the vehicle run into the side upturns.

  • The cover on weighbridge gaps comprises of a cover profile made of rubber (or as an alternative made of steel) for longitudinal protection against foreign matters (dirt, product, etc.), which otherwise could enter the scales foundation.

  • The weighbridge is raised by approx. 2.5 cm using adaptation parts.

    This makes the scales suitable for extra-wide vehicles (especially in agricultural establishments and anaerobic digestion plants) where otherwise protruding tires would lead to wrong weights.

  • Foundation featuring limitation of crack widths as defined in the WHG (the German Federal Water Act).

  • Our rodent protection made of stainless steel for measuring and load cell cables in the truck scales pit comprises of: 

    • 8 protection hoses made of stainless steel  
    • 2 protection shields made of stainless steel
    • 1 cable box made of stainless steel
    • 1 sealing of empty conduit made of stainless steel 
  • The device is designed for an intrinsically safe separation between load cells located in an environment subject to explosion hazard and the electronic weighing device installed in a safe environment.

Your benefit from our flush-mounted truck scales
  • little in-house performances – as the customer does not need to build strip foundations

  • space-saving and on grade – compared to above-ground solutions

  • reduced cleaning expenditure – as the one-piece bridge prevents dirt from entering the scales foundation and as the incline in the foundation counteracts to deposits

  • longevity – even after many years, we do not expect the bridge to sag down as load transfer takes place via 6 load cells

  • low risk of fault – the equipotential bonding and the integrated surge protector are a good protection against lightning effects

  • all-inclusive price – the price for the truck scales includes freight, toll, crane, and the workmanlike assembly
Our robust above-ground truck scales for harsh environments

The calibratable above-ground truck scales are perfect for weighing in harsh environments. The type of scales excels in its versatile application. These robust truck scales are used, e.g. as truck scales on construction sites, as scales in gravel quarries, or in companies working with bulk materials, as well as in agricultural establishments or anaerobic digestion plants

Thanks to the elevated bridge arrangement, the low-floor truck scales is suitable even for extra-wide vehicles to prevent force shunts during weighing. Compared to other scales designs, there is hardly any cleaning expenditure as dirt falls down alongside the scales.

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Specifications above-ground truck scales

  • weighbridges of 5, 6, 9, 10, 12, 14, 16, 18, 20, 22, 24, 26, 28, 30 x 3 m, the admissible load corresponds to DIN 8119 (special lengths and width also possible, e.g. weighbridge widths of 3.5 m)
  • Weighing capacity up to 60,000 kg total weight
  • Very flat design with an overall height of only 0.3 m
  • Special dimensions with bridge widths of up to 5 m possible
  • Robust precast concrete truck scale
  • Anti-skid road surface with broom finish
  • Slope installation up to 5%
  • Protected installation of the measuring equipment
  • Bridge gap covers at the end faces
  • Proven lightning protection system
  • Maintenance-friendly design
  • Load assumptions according to DIN 8119
  • Measurement technology according to EU Directive 2014/31/EU
  • Suitable for extra wide vehicles
Your benefit from our above-ground truck scales
  • suitable for extra-wide vehicles – thanks to the raised bridge arrangement

  • small quantity of excavated material – compared to closed flush-mounted foundation solutions

  • hardly no cleaning expenditure – thanks to the protruding design of the truck scales weighbridge, any dirt on the weighbridge is directed to the sides

  • cost-efficient concept – with the foundation built by the customer

  • no sagging of the bridge made of prefabricated parts –thanks to a load transfer via 6 load cells

  • low risk of fault – the equipotential bonding and the integrated surge protector are a good protection against lightning effects 

  • all-inclusive price – the price for the truck scales includes freight, toll, crane, and the workmanlike assembly

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