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OAS AG counts on growth through personnel retention

Bremen plant engineering company has notched up record employment and is scaling up its powerful team

Thanks to increased international activities and new important customers, OAS AG can continue this trend of record employment in the beginning of 2017.

For more than 35 years, the OAS AG with headquarters in Bremen has been an ever growing company. The especially good operating grade at the moment mainly results from diverse national and international large-scale projects in the fields of plant engineering and yard management. In Japan for instance, last year OAS AG could put into operation a large-scale project of about 3.5 million Euros for a weighing and mixing line in a titanium sponge dosing plant. The final product is a titanium alloy used e.g. in the aerospace industry and for artificial hip-joints in medicine.

Thus, the company portfolio covers a wide range, from the realisation and planning of complete production lines, through the construction of calibratable truck scales, and ending up with software solutions for process control, such as data management systems. Our entrepreneurial activities mainly focus on disposal and recycling companies, the chemical, steel, food, and semi-luxury food industry, as well as paper and cement plants.

Yard management is another strongly-growing business section in our company. As a specialist for yard management, control of incoming lorries, and dispatch automation, OAS AG has developed customer-specific and standardised automation solutions for an efficient processing of plant-logistic processes to dispatch transports by lorry, train, and sea for over 25 years now. Here, small and medium-sized companies are in our centre of interest. Lately, OAS AG realised successful projects for regional SMEs, e.g. a cereal-processing company, a utility company, and a traditional company of the food and semi-luxury food industry.

Prognoses and a multitude of new business relations have already pointed towards a still positive business development and a still high backlog of orders.

During the last decades, OAS AG has continuously grown and could establish itself as an attractive employer. Only during the last two years, the number of employees increased by more than 10 % to 230 persons. The employees are distributed to the headquarters in Bremen and the branch offices in Augsburg, Berlin, Bochum, and Erfurt. At the moment, the premises in Bremen are being extended. "We have to clear space for more creative heads," recapitulates Andre D. Neumann, a member of the Board of Directors for Finances and Controlling. The department for weighing and dosing technology moves house and will be located in our building on Anne-Conway-Straße 6.

The highly-qualified and powerful team of OAS AG comprising of graduate engineers, computer scientists, physical scientists, technical experts, mechanical engineers, and a committed team for sales and administration eagerly works to bring each job to success. This appeal has made the company to a leading vendor in the market, not only in the field of plant engineering but also in the field of yard management.

In times of skilled labour shortage, to OAS the value of each single employee is as important as getting along together in partnership. The company denotes little fluctuation and counts on lasting personnel retention and prompt decisions. To OAS it is important to fully integrate each employee from the very beginning. To this end, an extensive onboarding scheme has been developed, which is actively accompanied by a long-term employee of OAS acting as a godparent. New employees are introduced into the company – technically and personally – in an intense and practical manner and they rapidly learn to act independently. "We are living our onboarding scheme and every employee gets the opportunity to actually arrive in the company, " explains Carola Kramp, management expert for HR and tax specialist at OAS AG. In this way, the extensive know-how of long-term OAS employees and the creative stimuli of the new employees become a fine mixture. Modernly furnished workplaces and target-oriented investments in employees create a powerful company.

Thanks to a future-oriented thinking of the directors of OAS AG and already before "Industry 4.0" emerged, the company had been dedicated to digitalisation and its increasing integration into daily business. Now, OAS gains the benefit. "Industry 4.0 has been our goal for over 30 years already as we early recognised that connectivity and integration of most diverse interfaces are indispensable for economic success. We develop interfaces from the valve up to SAP and are steadily working on further digitalisation," this is how Otto A. Schwimmbeck, the founder and director of OAS AG, explains the success.

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