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Weighing system for demanding environments

Small component scales by OAS AG

The completely encased scales container of the small component scales by OAS makes weighing processes more accurate and safer. 

  • Scales container features vibration-cushioned suspension
  • Clean discharging without material residues guaranteed
  • More flexibility thanks to compact design

Processing of substances, which are harmful to health or susceptible to environmental influences, makes great demands on the mechanical components involved in the process. With their small component scales, OAS AG presents a solution, which ensures safety and accuracy of weighing processes even in demanding environments.

Kleinkomponententwaage OAS

Often dust collars or filter systems are used for conventional weighing systems to minimise the emission of substances into the environment. However, due to the design principle any changes in pressure can lift or lower the scales, which leads to false measuring results. Moreover, filter systems are high-maintenance products and, especially during cleaning, the emission of substances cannot be excluded completely. The small component scales by OAS AG is the solution to these problems and guarantees safe and accurate weighing results even in demanding environments.

Errors in measurement prevented

The scales are completely encased, the scales container itself features a vibration-cushioned suspension. This effectively prevents emissions of substances and errors in measurement due to pressure changes and increases the process reliability. Even the mechanical forces in mixing lines do not affect this reliability. Another highlight: as the bottom of the container opens outside of the product flow, material residues during discharging are reduced to a minimum. If required, additional beaters or vibrators can be installed to support this procedure.

The small component scales is designed as a compact unit, is individually adapted to the constructional facts on site, and can be put on existing pipe sockets in a space-saving manner – whether as extension to a mixer, upstream of a pair of large component scales, or downstream of a discharging pipe. Consequently, the weighing system is suitable for applications in the building materials industry as well as for applications in the pharmaceutical, animal feed, or food industry.

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