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Yard management system for EGGER Holzwerkstoffe Wismar GmbH & Co. KG


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The EGGER Group with headquarters in St. Johann in Tyrol/Austria ranks among the internationally leading wood processing companies. The family company founded in 1961 nowadays produces at 20 sites all over the world and employs about 10,100 persons. Their products are purchased by the furniture industry, the specialised wood trade, as well as building supplies and DIY stores.

In the plant Egger Holzwerkstoffe Wismar in Germany, about 1,000 employees have produced medium-density/high-density fibreboards, oriented structural boards, and laminate floors since 1999. This corresponds to 2 million cubic metres of wood processed every year, thus about 50 boat-loads, 2,000 railway cars, and 15,000 lorries. Consequently, there is much lorry traffic on the premises and this needs to be controlled.

The yard management system has allowed us to further optimise the processes required to access and exit our premises. In addition we are now able to observe the processing of shipments on our premises in real time – this leads to more transparency.

Ralf Borchers
Head of Division Technology/Production, EGGER Holzwerkstoffe Wismar GmbH & CO.KG


Every day, there are 500 movements of vehicles. This causes an extremely high load to the gatehouse at the existing entrance to the plant. A potential tailback into the public traffic space should be avoided and the service providers' time flows should be accelerated.

To solve this problem, Egger built a new approach for the delivery of round timber aiming at a fully automated handling of the lorries here.

Egger attached particular importance to a reduction and structuring of the internal site traffic. This should relieve the gatehouse and ensure a well-regulated flow of traffic on the much frequented premises. Safety on site obtains top priority here along with an increased process quality.


"In the hot project phase, everyone pulled together and brought the project forward very constructively," tells the Project Manager Nils Knolle who has been employed with OAS AG for 19 years already. Essentially, this yard automation solution by OAS is based on five focal points.

Automatic registration of the lorry driver
Now, the automatic registration of the drivers uses an automatic detection of the number plate. A terminal featuring a bar code scanner was installed at the entrance to the parking area. Here, the driver scans the bar code of a previously created transport order or, as an alternative, enters this manually. On the new parking area, the driver registers subsequently to be called later or to go directly to the scales for entrance weighing.

Relieving the gatehouse
Thanks to the yard automation, many process steps are taken away from the porter, such as the acquisition of registration data, handing out and collecting of pagers, handing out of parking chips. This relieves the porter and at the same time a tailback is avoided. The 2nd entrance road also contributes to this. In addition to the integration of the existing scales, mainly the new installation of one set of scales at the entrance and one at the exit should provide additional relief.

More safety on the premises
The yard management system guides the drivers through the processing steps required for their delivery orders on site. This considerably reduces the in-plant residence time and unnecessary actions by the driver. In addition, there is a fixed number of vehicles on site, so that the danger for all road users, such as lorry drivers, stacker drivers, pedestrians, and cyclists, is reduced to a great extent.

Improved process quality
Thanks to the yard automation, the processing of orders follows a defined step chain. This makes the overall process more transparent and potential sources of errors are reduced. Moreover, the system can execute all peripheral controls, such as the truck scales or barriers as required by the process without the need of manual intervention by the employees. A true relief!

Optimised control of the vehicle inlet
Vehicles only go to the factory when they can be handled there. All vehicles on site are detected by our yard management software logis and the entry of vehicles depends on the resources. This leads to maximum transparency on the premises.

Despite major challenges, the project work went hand in hand and the project was completed in the planned time. With the Egger site in Wismar/Germany, OAS has automated the fourth company site already and another one is planned.

Congratulations and compliments to the whole project team! The planned completion date was a particular challenge for all persons involved. With an impressive final spurt, everything was finished on the dot and despite the difficult conditions, the project was effectively brought to a close within the time frame.

Ralf Borchers
Head of Division Technology/Production, EGGER Holzwerkstoffe Wismar GmbH & CO.KG

The customer's benefits

  • Fully-automated entrance – drivers can register and weigh in a completely independent manner up to the point when the wood is taken over on site
  • Reduced and structured in-plant traffics
  • Potential tailbacks are avoided
  • Permanent overview and control of the vehicles on the premises thanks to the implementation of our yard management software Logis.
  • Optimised processes and reduced costs (e.g. thanks to the fully-automated check in area, relief of the porter)
  • Increased safety on the premises thanks to the overview of in-plant residence times
  • Considerably higher integration and transparency of the digital business segments (SAP)


Project time

6 months

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