Silo management in the production of building materials

Yard management for the Rygol Baustoffwerk GmbH & Co. KG


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At its plant in Painten/Germany, the Rygol Baustoffwerk GmbH & Co. KG produces high-quality dry construction materials for the construction industry and craftspeople. In addition to an excellent product quality, the company offers an all-around 360° service to its customers. Among other things delivery of the ordered material can take place in one of 1,200 site silos featuring individual equipment.

Produktionssteuerung und Yard Management für Rygol Baustoffwerk GmbH & Co. KG
Produktionssteuerung und Yard Management für Rygol Baustoffwerk GmbH & Co. KG
Produktionssteuerung und Yard Management für Rygol Baustoffwerk GmbH & Co. KG
Produktionssteuerung und Yard Management für Rygol Baustoffwerk GmbH & Co. KG

This project has lead to a considerable improvement of the processes and has implemented the despatch division into the overall business concept. In addition to the fact that all despatch processes are carried out in a paperless manner, the drivers now are able to process the despatch transactions almost independently and do not have to adhere to the business hours.

Dipl. Informatikerin Susanne Saalmann
Project Manager OAS AG


To allow for a better organisation of the increasing processes around provision and distribution of the site silos, the company was in need of a modern central production and despatch system.


In a first step, the in-house workflows regarding the handling of shipments were subject to thorough examination. OAS took this as the basis to develop an especially tailored version of its own process control software (MES) pronto to become the central element of future production control. The objective was to cut back the entire process and to reproduce those former workflows which had paid off, in a new despatch system.

The yard management and the booking of RFID chipped site silos take place by means of the stationary despatch terminals developed by OAS and on supplementary mobile clients. In this way, the corresponding data for each field of application are represented on the corresponding end device and all fields of activities associated with despatch are supported in an optimum manner. The central despatch control system using a database and the RFID tracking of the silos moreover guarantee that goods which have passed their use-by date or have been wrongly picked, are locked and not shipped to the customer.

The customer's benefits

  • improved order handling process through the integration of functions around management and shipping of site silos into a homogenous MES concept via pronto
  • increased quality through the RFID validation of containers
  • consistent materials management also for the site silos, incl. the management of the checks of the dates of minimum shelf life, laboratory tests, and compatibility tests
  • more accurate invoicing through the connection to the existing enterprise resource planning system
  • more flexible and independent: drivers may handle the despatch transactions in a mostly independent manner, no need to observe the business hours
  • less faults and thus less complaints and increase in the customer's satisfaction
  • optimised run of sequences through the integration of maintenance activities

Project details


02/16 - 03/18







Despatch terminals

3 (2 featuring truck scales)

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