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Special mission for the Bremen Town Musicians

The so-called "Hole of Bremen" is a popular tourist attraction on Bremen's market square. Hidden beneath a bronze manhole cover, surrounded by the historic town hall, Roland statue, Bremen Cathedral…
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Retrofit of the process control system for a traditional German spirits producer

For a long-established spirits producer from North Rhine-Westphalia we are retrofitting the process control system of the production plant.
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Self-operated truck scale with scale management system for sewage sludge loading

For a sewage treatment plant in Lower Saxony, we are supplying a truck scale solution with a scale management system for self-operated weighing during sewage sludge loading.
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Modern IT infrastructure for a large bakery in northern Germany

For a large bakery in northern Germany, we are modernising the entire IT infrastructure consisting of two redundant server systems with storage area network Area Network (SAN). A comprehensive IT…
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Yard management system for leading Scandinavian stainless steel producer

For a leading Scandinavian stainless steel producer, we are supplying a yard management system for the efficient handling of plant logistics processes at its West German site.
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Plant modernisation for renowned manufacturer of paints, varnishes and construction chemicals

We are modernising the production plant at the Saxon site of a renowned German manufacturer of paints, varnishes and construction chemicals.
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Customised truck scale solution for southern German plastics recycling company

We are supplying a customised truck scale solution consisting of an oversized special truck scale and our wcon - weighing concept consisting of our wcon scale and process controllers, a wcon…
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Plant expansion of the production plant of a leading international manufacturer of construction chemical products

For a major international manufacturer of construction chemical products, we are taking on a plant expansion including expansion of the process control system at its production site in western…
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Next modernisation of a biogas plant for a British biogas plant operator

We are modernising the plant control and process visualisation of another large biogas plant for a British biogas plant operator.
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